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Thank you so much for applying to adopt from Carolina Boxer Rescue!  We are excited to have you become part of the CBR family.  Please see the following for what to expect next..

  • Please wait until you have been declared to be an Approved Adopter before you get your heart set on one particular boxer. There may be other applicants further along in the adoption process who are interested in the same dog. We have new boxers coming into the rescue every week, so no worries, we will find your new best friend.

  • The approval process normally takes around 2 weeks, but please be patient as we are all volunteers and most volunteers work full time jobs.

  • A home visit will be scheduled after references are checked. All family members are required to be there during the visit. You will not be approved until home visit is complete.

  • You will receive an email from our Adoption Coordinator when approved, which will include your Area Coordinators name. Your Area Coordinator will then contact you and find out more about what you are looking for in your new family member.   All inquiries about dogs, including dogs you are interested in should be addressed to your Area Coordinator. If you see a new dog on FB please contact your "AC" as the Facebook administrator will not have a knowledge of who your coordinator is to pass on your interest in that dog.

  • Once there is a good "match". You will then go onto the dog's adoption list and an introduction to the foster family will be made once you are first on a dog's list. You can then discuss all the particulars about the foster dog. If both parties feel it is a good fit then a meeting can be set up!  Please note that they are much longer waits for young healthy dogs and it can take a couple months for you to come up to the tops of lists. If you want to adopt very soon after being approved, please consider a middle age to senior dog or special needs (i.e. deaf).

  • Please be patient with us as we want to make sure the right match is made for you and for our dogs.  It is always our intention for our foster dog to stay in his new home forever!

  • If the dog you want to adopt is several hours away we can arrange a transport but we expect our adopters to make the effort to travel at least 1/2 the distance to pick up your dog.

  • We will not transport dogs for an initial meeting. We encourage our foster homes to travel for a meeting but it is not required.  Also it is beneficial to meet your dog in surrounding they feel comfortable in so you can see their true personality.

  • Any further questions? Please contact Kathy at