Spirit - 4 years old (Fostered in Cayce, SC)

Spirit - 4 years old (Fostered in Cayce, SC)



Spirit here....let me start by saying thank you to Mr. Mike who sprung me from the shelter and started me on my journey. Then I stayed for a few days with a family who had a dog a little smaller than me, boy did we play and play and play! There was also another dog who was more my size. I liked her too and gave her kisses all the time! My next journey landed me at the beach and that's where I got my name Spirit! When I first got there the boy boxer didn't appreciate all my kisses, but I won him over in no time and now we play and have fun! I love running the fence with the dog next door, but I'm not too sure about the tiny black dog that barks at me. She looks a lot like a squeaky toy! 

Spirit is a such a sweet girl! Her tail wags non stop all the time! She loves nothing more than being near her people, snuggling on the couch or just laying at your feet when your cooking or washing dishes. She just wants to be near you! She shows no sign of food aggression and does love her meal times and treats! She has no problem going in her crate and sleeps all night without a peep! When we walk she did pull some at first, but now she's very relaxed. I do use a harness and just got her an easy walk harness which she has done very well with. Spirit came into the shelter with an embedded collar. It has healed nicely since then. Spirit is heartworm positive which CBR will treat before she's adopted. She potties outside but did have an occasional accident when she first arrived. Her and my boxer play a little rough so older children are probably recommended. 
Spirit is such a sweet girl who wants to soak up all the love she can get which she truly deserves!


Spirit is an energetic loving dog. She is seriously the sweetest girl ever. She plays great with our 9 month old Boston Terrier and loves our 8 year old Boxer. Her favorite thing is going on walks and playing with Lily(Boston). She loves her Kong with treats too. She loves the morning walks. Foster Spirit enjoying morning playtime with sisters Lily and Luna, while Foster mom and dad wake up, lol.  Spirit plays great with her sisters!


Foster Spirit here!  It’s been a crazy week with all these summer storms every night but that just means I get extra snuggles from my foster mom.  I’m not a fan of these storms so I stay close by.  
Foster mom and dad are trying to teach me some commands whatever those are.  I’m starting to catch on that if I do it I get a treat, so I’m giving in to their tactics.  
I’m having tons fun with my sisters here but can’t wait to find a forever home so Foster mom and dad can help save more pups like me.   I like my sisters a lot but I think I’d be ok with one sibling or even being an only dog since I love all the attention.   Bye for now!  


Foster mom and dad took me and my foster sister Lily to the Soda City market downtown Columbia today.  There were tons of people who pet me and so many yummy smelling foods.  We even got treats from the Truesdale Barkery!  They were yummy!  I can’t wait to go back again!  


We had a busy Saturday!  Visited Soda City in Columbia again and got to meet some of my Foster moms friends.  The kids just loved me and I loved their pets.  Then we took a car ride to North Charleston for a CBR fundraiser.  There were so many boxers and I had a ton of fun.  Foster mom and dad said I was so good!  We even took a quick trip to swim in the ocean before we went home.  I wasn’t too sure about it at first.  Then I started chasing the waves.  

9/22/18: Izzy loves to run around and chase the neighbors dogs across the fence. She’s the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. Great with all dogs in person but something with a fence barrier she wants to bark at them. She is amazing with our 1 year old Boston Terrier and our also 9 year old Boxer.

11/8/18: Foster Spirit had so much fun at Woofstock. We found out though she’s not a huge fan of big fluffy dogs though, but really who is :) ..... (She was not a fan of the big white one behind her.

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Dog's Name: Spirit

Dog's Approximate Age: 4

Gender: Female

Dog's Size: Pocket Boxer (under 50lbs as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: Yes, but no small fluffy dogs.

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Don't know yet

Good with kids?: Yes, older preferred due to playfulness.

Any medical issues?: On heartworm slow kill pill

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: Yes

No cats, little fluffy dogs or small children.