Shelby's Puppies - (Fostered in Sanford, NC)

Shelby's Puppies - (Fostered in Sanford, NC)


Foster Shelby was brought into the rescue and SURPRISE she was pregnant! We have no idea who the daddy is, so we will have to wait and see what kind of cute puppies they will be.

5/6/19: BIG NEWS UPDATE: After a very long night which started at about 12:30AM and has gone on through the night we finally have 6 new additions to the CBR Family. Four Males and 2 females. Momma Shelby is doing fine but she is very tired and struggling a lot due to her HeartWorm situation. We are monitoring all the puppies and I will update and send more pictures later. For now me and The new family are going to get some sleep.

5/7/19: First trip to the vet. These guys are very large. They are double the weight they should be!!!

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Pup 1: Female black (Hershey kiss white spot on back). ADOPTION PENDING (Lola)

Pup 2: Female white.

Pup 3: Male brindle ADOPTION PENDING

Pup 4: Male black ADOPTION PENDING (Bentley)


Pup 5: Male black


Pup 6: Male black with white stripe. ADOPTION PENDING.