Rousey - 3 years old (Fostered in Summerville, SC)

Rousey - 3 years old (Fostered in Summerville, SC)


This sweet girl has been with us since Saturday. It’s our first time fostering and I’ve been so worried about messing this up. She didn’t eat until late Monday afternoon and I was like a mom with a toddler potty training when she pooped for the first time outside in the yard. It’s been a very slow introduction with our resident dogs. They’ve met through the gate and today, we made some real progress and they all went outside together. She very quickly told my male she was not interested in playing yet and snapped and stood over him, but I was so proud of the way he deferred to her. She loves her kennel and has only had a few accidents in the house. Right now, she doesn’t enjoy being outside. She can’t get back to the sunroom fast enough and if I’m not paying her attention outside, she will run up and box me and run back to the door. She is great with the cats and absolutely LOVES people, especially the littles! She is also a pack rat and pulls anything that smells like us into her kennel with her.

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Dog's Name: Rousey

Dog's Approximate Age: 3

Gender: Female

Dog's Size: Medium

Good with small dogs?: Don't know yet

Good with big dogs?: Don't know yet

Good with cats?: Yes

Good with kids?: Yes, all ages

Any medical issues?: She has recently been spayed. She does have what looks like a possible mammary tumor near her surgical site and has a half dollar size dark spot on her right back leg.

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: No