Rosalee - 2 years old (Fostered in Morganton, NC)

Rosalee - 2 years old (Fostered in Morganton, NC)


Hi, I'm Rosalee but my friends call me Rosy. I've been in my foster home for about 5 days now. I'm feeling much better than when I got here. See, I'd just had surgery the day before, I was full of yucky worms, and I'm what my FM calls a "Skinny Minnie". But after getting some medicine, lots of TLC, and yummy food, I'm starting to feel much much.

I really like it here. There are lots of comfy places for me to sleep and that's what I've spent most my time doing...sleeping. I have explored my new surroundings a little. There are several small people here that I love getting cuddles from. I'm very gentle. There is also another boxer like me. He has been very interested in me. When I was ready, I introduced myself. We get along very well. We are both very sweet and friendly. I've only had a couple accidents in the house, but my FM thinks I am mostly house trained.

My FM says I need a little more time to recovery and get settled before my personality can really reveal itself, but she thinks I'm going to make a great addition to any family.

Oh, one more thing, people keep commenting on my tongue like its special or something. To me it is just normal for my tongue to always hang out. That's the way I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve, but I guess some dogs have tongues that actually fit in their mouth. Where's the fun in that?

I'll be in touch once I'm feeling stronger to let you know what adventures I've been up to.

xo- Rosy

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Dog's Name: Rosalee (Rosy)

Dog's Approximate Age: 2

Gender: Female

Dog's Size: Medium

Good with small dogs?: Don't know yet

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Don't know yet

Good with kids?: Yes, all ages

Any medical issues?: Recovering from having spleen removed. Heartworm positive.  I overheard my FM on the phone. She said the nice vet lady said she thought it would be mid-October before I would be strong enough to start heart worm treatment.

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: Yes