Moxy - puppy (Fostered in Sanford, NC)

Moxy - puppy (Fostered in Sanford, NC)


Born on 6/8/18:

She is the second largest female and is an escape artist. She climbs up on top of Mom and then crawls right out of the pen onto the ground. One afternoon I found her missing and she was on as adventure underneath the couch. She weighs in at 1lb 0oz and has a tiny white triangle on her chest. Otherwise she is a very dark chocolate.


I have a tiny white triangle on chest and small white chin.  (Moxy potential name) I am the escape artist.  When I make it out of the pen all the other puppies follow my lead.  I am fast and very playful.  I Love toys and love to play with all my siblings.  My dream would be a family always on the go and takes me with them.  She is all black with small white triangle on chest and small white on chin.  This girl is going places…

docked tail and declaws removed

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The results are in... Puppy’s are Drumroll please...

62.5% Boxer

25% Labrador Retriever 

12.5% Collie


We have a great mix of dog,

The Boxador, you can actually look that dog up online.

Loyal, super smart and laidback and love to retrieve stuff...