Maggie - 1 year old (Fostered in Rolesville, NC)

Maggie - 1 year old (Fostered in Rolesville, NC)


Meet Mini-Maggie! She came to us with the name Lilly (and we still are working on IF she actually answers to it, or will warm up to her new name). :Little bits" as we call her is a TINY pocket boxer. And while she WILL gain weight now that she has had surgery.... she will never be a BIG girl. 
This Gal is just now learning how to be a dog.... and because of this, it MAY be best for her to have a companion dog(s) to show her the ropes. She was originally rescued from a Puppy Mill at 5 months old, and had never experienced grass, or living in a home. So everything is new, and a bit scary. Her original rescuers were unable to keep her due to some medical needs she had.... so CBR stepped up and got urgent needs attended to. She is currently completing her post-operative recovery.
Maggie (Lilly).... is currently living in a home with 3 other LARGE dogs, and 3 tiny humans. She does quite well with the kids....but does get startled by the sudden bangs and running and action of tiny toddlers. However, while she will run away from "new" and "scary" noises.... she also LOVES to get on the couch and snuggle with those same tiny humans. She is EXTREMELY gentle and docile/submissive. She literally follows the cues of the other dogs here. If they jump up and bark/run.... she follows (But we have YET to hear her bark). She goes out when they do, sleeps when they do, and pretty much follows them around....learning how to be a dog. She would really do best with other dogs. She takes treats very gently and loves to eat!!! She does know how to sit, does not really jump and seems to know "No"... she will quickly learn all of the commands, once she feels safer and more secure (because.... Holy Heck...this big new world is SCARY). She is working on House-training.... but all in all... has only had a few accidents, because she follows the others dogs outside. Very good in the crate. She likes to have eyes on her people... and MAY whine if she cannot see/find you. However, she is very good in a crate. 
This Girl is absolutely adorable..... in EVERY way.

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Maggie seems to do best with a companion dog, preferably one that is bigger then her. Good with kids/Other dogs - MUST have a big Dog(s) Companion, Seems Ok w/Cats.

HIGH anxiety and very Fearful. Must have experienced/patient owner. 

Has possible Muscle Atrophy/Weakness in rear legs, but she manages pretty well!