Luna - 8 years old (Fostered in Sanford, NC)

Luna - 8 years old (Fostered in Sanford, NC)

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8/27/19: Hello Everyone,
My name is Luna, I am named Luna because I love to look for Nargles and other objects that are not there. (Those of you who are Harry Potter fans will understand this totally) For those of you who are not Harry Potter fans my foster mom says I am a little different. In my defense just because you do not see something does not mean it is not there. Foster Dad thinks I am just weird. I have either been in the wild since I was a puppy, or I spent most of my life in a kennel as a puppy factory. I will never tell. Foster Dad leans in the puppy factory direction and he believes one day I was either set free in the wild or I escaped. I am an excellent escape artist. 
When I was found I was in bad shape. Full of Heartworms and parasites. A 5-pound mammary tumor hanging down to the ground, three other tumors on my other mammary glands, malnourished and basically in very bad health. I have no full teeth and all 4 canine teeth are worn completely down to nubs. So, biting people is out of the question. I have a hard time seeing. I have intermediate cataracts, so I bump into things. When I came into rescue it was decided that I was going to be a hospice foster because of all the tumors. However, because the tumors were all benign, I am free and clear of cancer. So that takes me off the Hospice foster list.
That said, I have never really learned any of the typical human dog relationship behaviors. I have not had any previous training. Foster Mom and Dad have been working on this. At present I do not sit, lie down, come or stay. Because of this I must be on a leash with a collar and harness setup when taken outside and I will run past you at the front door if you are busy and not paying attention to me. AGAIN, did I mention I am a master of escape. I AM microchipped and if I see an escape opportunity I will take it, so you really have to make sure I am contained in such a way that if you open an outside door I am not free to barrel you over to run out the door I am small and fast… I got away from Foster Mom and Dad and they barely got me back and that was only because Foster dad went through 2 LBS of ham and used it to sneak me past foster mom who then was able to catch me because I was so interested in the ham… 
I love my crate as a safe space but, if I am left in the crate for long periods of time, I will try to escape the crate. I must be confined in a small space. Like a room with my favorite people. If allowed to walkthrough-out the house I will pee and poo somewhere. I believe that if I am around my people and they do not see me they are not their and I can relieve myself. All attempts to potty train me have basically come down to this, I must be kept in small spaces or be in my crate or be taken outside. I like the outside but only for short times. Much of my life has been spent outside and I am not happy about being out there. And if it is raining you can basically forget it.
I love female humans, not so much female dogs. I also am not a fan of large family packs. I would do great with a family of two people one female and one male or two females. Male humans have not been kind to me, and I DO NOT trust them. Foster Dad is a great guy but to this day if he calls me or tries to touch me or take me outside, I run to foster Mom until foster Dad put me on a leash then I may or may not go with him based on my feelings.
I know this all sounds harsh, but I have had a pretty harsh life. I am loyal, to a fault, for my favorite human (Right now that is Foster Mom) I follow her wherever she goes, and I wait for her patiently when she is not around. I need to feel needed and loved so I need to be petted and feel close to all my humans. I am a very gentle and funny dog. I do not run very often but when I do, I hop like a gazelle, Foster Dad gets a major kick out of that.
I believe Foster Mom and Dad would love to keep me in their home. But they also say that I need a special home one that is all mine. Right now, I must share Foster Mom with 3 other dogs and at times fur foster brothers and sister do not understand that I need to be Number 1 so are you willing to make me your number 1….

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Dog's Name: Luna

Dog's Approximate Age: 8 Years

Gender: Female

Dog's Size: Pocket Boxer (under 50lbs as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: No

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: No

Good with kids?: Yes, older only

Any medical issues?: Intermediate cataracts,

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: Yes