Liberty 1-2 years old (Fostered in Virginia Beach, Va)

Liberty 1-2 years old (Fostered in Virginia Beach, Va)


They say good things come in small packages, which means you get something great with Liberty! She is a 45lb bundle of joy and energy pocket boxer. Liberty loves to play with other dogs and go for walks. When I say she loves to go for walks, I mean she really loves it. She doesn’t run around the house while we get ready she jumps around the house like she’s walking on a trampoline. Are you looking for a cute cuddly boxer? Well you’re in luck. Liberty is an excellent cuddle partner and has an abundance of kisses for you. She loves to take naps too, lazy Sundays are the best! She even knows how to get into and out of a hammock.

Liberty is deaf, which means she doesn’t hear us when we’re making tons of noise or yelling at her to stop stealing our laundry. She knows two hand signals so far, sit and stay. Because she is deaf, she tends to follow you around pretty much all the time, but also pays a lot of attention to the other dog.  She would do best with a companion dog. She gets along very well with our boxer and doesn’t seem to realize she’s significantly smaller. While she is deaf, you couldn’t tell. She is just a normal dog. Liberty came in as a stray and isn’t fully house broken yet, but is about 90% of the way there. Liberty is also crate trained.

Liberty will also teach you a great life lesson, no matter your circumstances, you can always be happy….She is always happy.

Weird question. Does your tongue fit in your mouth? That’s a weird question, right? Well, Liberty’s tongue usually hangs out the side or front of her mouth when she’s sleeping or napping. 

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