Lady - 3 years old (Fostered in Hilton Head, SC)

Lady - 3 years old (Fostered in Hilton Head, SC)



Three year old foster Lady has been in her foster home for 2 days now. She was very scared at first, but is settling in and realizing that her foster parents will take good care of her until she finds her forever home. They are currently decompressing her and letting her relax, and then they will integrate her in with their other dogs and work on training her using hand signals since she’s deaf.


I would like to introduce my sweet Bella now Lady.  She is so full of energy and love.  Lady came to us 2 weeks ago very anxious and frightened.  It was heartbreaking to see.  I decided to do a decompression routine with her.  So, we kept her crated for long stretches to help introduce her to a much less stressful environment and to assist in decompression.  After a week we introduced her to the rest of our pack, Peeka and Baxter.  Lady was instantly in LOVE.  She adores Peeka and Baxter both.  Because she is so energetic and loves to play a lot, Peeka is the perfect playmate for her.  They are both so full of energy.  It turns out she gets along with all dogs.  She has met our Luna and Luna’s brother and sister Odie and Molly who are Dachshunds.  Because she is deaf she appears to be aggressive but nothing could be further from the truth.  She is so very sweet, but probably did not have a lot of socialization so she’s constantly surprised anytime a person or dog appears because she is not warned by hearing.  After the initial surprise she is absolutely sweet. 

As the next week progressed we saw her open up more and more.  She likes long walks and can be great jogging partner. Her and Peeka are tireless playing companions.  Very typical Boxer amusement.  Chewing on each other, competing with toys in a good way.  No mean aggression at all.  We are working with her to help her to be confident and not be afraid of people or anything moving outside. She seems to be super smart.  She came to us absolutely untrained.  No command recognition.  She already knows how to sit, come and be rewarded with a good girl all in sign language!!  She loves her crate which is where she sleeps and stays while I do errands.  I do spend a lot of time at home and she likes to keep me company. 

She is definitely going to make someone with a lot of patience and love for dogs very happy.  If you are energetic, playful and ready for love she’s the dog for you.  That’s exactly who she is!!!

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