Honey - 5 years old (Fostered in Bishopville, SC)

Honey - 5 years old (Fostered in Bishopville, SC)


6/15/18: 5yo female, Wounds, Diarrhea, Worms, Back knee issue and may need surgery


She is a sweet dog.  She does have a bad left hip and will not put weight on that leg.  I assume we will get that checked when the rescue has the money to do so.  She is skinny, but is eating well.  The records from the shelter say HW negative so I hope that is accurate.  She will go in the crate without a problem.  We just don't put her in there because her leg is more comfortable not crated.  I think she would be house trained if she was with someone and could tell them she needed to go out.  Every time she has had an accident it was at the gate.

I do not have any small kids to test her with, but she loves my 14 year old grandson and he acts like a kid.  I have not had her up close to Taz, but we did take them both outside on leashes and she did not pay him any attention. Same with my daughter's cat.  When the cat saw her, he ran under the car, but she did not chase.  We walked her up to the car.  The cat hissed at her, but she just turned around and walked off. We gave her a bath and got some more pictures.


Her personality is really starting to come out.  She loves my 14 year old grandson.  I was walking her this morning and she saw him coming across the yard.  Her tail started wagging and we heard our first bark.  I think she would like a child.  I have not seen her with young children yet, but I will try to borrow one while we have her.  She still ignores the cat like he is not even there.  The closest she has been to Taz is across the driveway, but she ignores him too.  

She still does well not crated.  The only time she has an accident is overnight and that is always right at the gate.  I think she is trying to go out when it happens.  


Honey has finished with her checkups from her surgery.  The vet said everything is fine now.  She walks on it well if on her normal walk.   She will still do a "bunny hop" if she gets in a hurry.  The vet said that is probably habit from being hurt so long before getting it fixed.  It is gradually getting better.
She is very sweet and just wants to be loved.  She will go in her crate with no problem, but has not had to be in it.  She does not bother anything.  She is mostly house trained.  With the unique situation in her foster home, we are not sure what her signals will be as we are not with her all the time.  She is taken out every 3-4 hours and the only time she has had accidents is if we do not get to her early enough in the morning.  All of these have been right at her gate so she is probably trying to go out. We have only heard her bark once.  When she wants something she whines.

If we are in the house with her, she wants to be with us, but if we leave, she is content behind her gate.  She is not happy if we shut the door, but will stay behind the gate.  She likes to have the blinds up when we are not there so she can see out.  We have also been leaving a radio on since she is alone a lot, but that might not be necessary in a real home.

She does fine with dogs of all sizes that she has met so far.  We do not have inside cats, but when she sees them on her walks, she does not bark.  She whines and wags her tail.  I really think she ants to play, but the cats are dog saavy (our dog hates them) so they will run from her.  She does not try to chase them.

I am not sure about other animals.  Our daughter next door has chickens, but they are in a pen.  She likes to walk over there and look at them, but so far has not barked at them.  She just looks at them and wags her nub. She has played with kids from 5-14 and loved them all. She is honestly the easiest dog we have ever had around here.  She is not demanding and is happy with what attention she gets. She is going to make someone very happy.

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