Hazel - 5 years old (Fostered in Wake Forest, NC)

Hazel - 5 years old (Fostered in Wake Forest, NC)


Hazel in the HOUSE!!
I knew right away she was something special..... she walked so well on the leash and was so laid back and easy going during her transport from SC to NC.....

Hazel took to the tiny humans immediately!!! She loves people and children of ALL ages..... Her Nub just sways back and forth almost non-stop.
She has clearly once been "owned".... and has obviously retained most of her basic commands! Sit, Down, Back up....Go (to get her to give you some space).....

This girl may be 5..... but she can run zoomies around our youngest dogs!!! Woooo... is she fast when she wants to be!! She loves to play..... but she is equally as happy to lay around and snore her day away.
She is living with 4 other dogs right now..... all males.... and even though she can try to play Alpha sometimes..... she really blended well into the pack. She is kind of bossy.... but she can easily be corrected with a firm NO, or Hey! All in all.... she is darn near PERFECT!!! She was a HUGE hit, and so well behaved at the Vet.....

Hazel loves her crate.... sometimes she lays in it just because. She CAN be trusted uncrated..... but she has had just a few pee accidents since arriving (ALWAYS poops outside). She refuses to pee on the rugs though....so KUDOS to her! She is crate trained and really IS housebroken...... but she is new, and was just thrown into a house with 4 other crazy dogs....3 loud and wild kids..... and well...I'd pee on the floor too.

Hazel is 55lbs, HW-NEGATIVE and UTD on her shots.... she is also Microchipped/Spayed. Say what? Yup...she is actually ready to find her perfect home. In the meantime.....Foster Mom says she is amazing and can stay as long as needed!!!

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