Ellie - 4 years old (Fostered in Swansboro, NC)

Ellie - 4 years old (Fostered in Swansboro, NC)


Ellie would be best in an only dog household.  Needs to be with an experienced boxer owner.

Ellie LOVES toys.  She takes them from her crate to the couch and back to her crate. She sleeps in her crate by choice however she will happily snuggle on the couch for as long as you will. I've never had a dog that loves snuggles and loves like Miss Ellie. She would rather sit beside you and get her head scratched than eat or play..she is a lover. She is house trained and goes to the door and looks at you when she needs to go outside.
She isn't a huge fan of leash walking but we are working on this several times a day and found with a harness she is much better!

We found she likes to look on our kitchen counters. She has never taken food just likes to look. I have corrected her three times and we haven't noticed she has done it again.
Ellie doesn't have the crazy Boxer way she is super calm and totally laid back. She is the biggest sweetheart ever! Everyone she meets she wags her nub and takes up with right away. She is pure white and absolutely beautiful.

At this time she is living with my female Boxer and they do not seem to like each other just yet. We are trying slow intro but it appears that Ellie might need to be the only dog at her forever home.

2/3 Update    I moved this week from my first foster home in Statesville, NC to a new foster home in Swansboro, NC.

My Statesville family took EXCELLENT care of me and they love me to pieces, but I just couldn't get along with the resident dog in the house. I was really thin and had been through a lot when I arrived, and I was sick for a good bit of my time there. I was also spayed and it took me awhile to recover. My foster family loved me enough to let me go to a new foster home so I could have a bit more time and space to really figure out my life and what I like and don't like.

So far I've mostly been resting at this new place. I have a big yard here to play in, and I like that. Every now and then I get spurts of feisty playfulness throughout the day.

I like sporadically grabbing and chewing and shaking the heck out of my toys...and clean laundry sitting nearby...and blankets...and my bed. Anything I can get my mouth on really. Today my new foster mom caught me just before I sent the stuffing of my bed flying everywhere. She took the bed away from me. Frankly, I thought she was being a party pooper. She did take me outside and played and exercised in the yard with me though, so I forgave her and that worked out my energy.

I like the crate okay, and I like to do my business outside.

I'm not sure yet what I think of training and commands. I don't really get leash-walking either. I haven't known much about this stuff but I'm slowly beginning to work on it.

I like doors and gates. I especially like open doors and gates and I would be happy to dart right through all of them if I were allowed, because I love to explore.

I LOVE hugs and kisses and cuddles and connection with humans. I'm not sure about human children yet.

Right now I live near a military base. I find the loud booms and house-shaking curious, but it doesn't really make me jumpy.

I'm not fully sure yet what dogs I like or dislike.

I am heartworm positive and still need to be treated for that.

Give me some time, and I'll check back in with you.

Thanks for your support!


3/14 Update   Ellie has been at her Swansboro foster home for about 1.5 months.

She has been working on simple commands at home.

She 'seemed' to be housetrained when she arrived, but, started having accidents. She was given antibiotic for UTI, but since then her urine has tested clean and she still has accidents. So we have been going back to housetraining 101. I think some of her accidents are also due to anxiety/submissive urination.

She has been slowly working on leash walking, but only in a very neutral, low to no distraction environment. She is very reactive to all dogs and cats, squirrels, etc. Even just viewing dogs/cats 50-100 yards away sets her off and it can be very difficult to distract her when she gets fixated. Walking in public locations would not be easy or enjoyable at this point in time. It isn't that she doesn't enjoy going out on leash...she does look forward to it and also enjoyed walks combined with jogging some. It is sometimes easier to jog her on leash than it is to walk her.

Leash walks have taken a bit of a back seat due to currently being kept on low activity for heartworm treatment. She had a series of 2 injections the end of February, with a follow-up appointment currently scheduled for the end of March.

Meal puzzle toys help her not inhale her food, and she loves the challenge/stimulation.

She does pretty well with the crate.

Human connection is everything to Ellie. When other people come to the house, she may be excited to see and greet them, but she overwhelmingly likes to stay close by the side of her own. I had a woman and her 10 or so yr old daughter at the house the other day...she did fine meeting them, but wasn't all that sociable with them. Stuck very closely by me instead.

She has had an increase in separation anxiety over the past couple weeks...not sure if this is partly due to not being able to exercise and burn off energy while on heartworm treatment, or a result of her increasing attachment to her human. I strongly recommend a home with a stay-at-home/work-from-home person.

She doesn't always know what she can and can't chew, and will sneak whatever she finds at times. I keep a very close watch because she will put anything in her mouth...cardboard toilet paper roll, shoes, laundry, even power cords. She stole a loaf of sourdough bread off the kitchen counter a couple weeks ago...and ran to her bed with it like a thief in the night! :)

Her current foster home situation is in a rural area with a large fenced yard, and no fence shared directly with the neighbors. This has provided good space for her.

She loves cuddles and kisses, training and zoomies. She did pretty well when I trimmed her nails the other day. Doesn't mind getting her ears cleaned. Hasn't had a bath since she came here, so not sure yet how she likes water. She needs continued patience and training right now, but Ellie is also as sweet as they come.

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Dog's Name: Ellie

Dog's Approximate Age: 4

Gender: Female

Dog's Size: Pocket Boxer (under 50lbs as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: No

Good with big dogs?: No

Good with cats?: Don't know yet

Good with kids?: Kids over 10 only