Dottie - 5 years old

Dottie - 5 years old


We met Dottie a short week ago and she has fallen right into our family’s routine. She is a delight to foster and great with the kids. We are trying to keep her calm as she has started her heartworm treatment which proves difficult as she is a silly, bouncy girl especially outside. Inside she is much calmer and really only gets excited when we first get home. She does love to wiggle that nub though! She has another 5 weeks or so before she can go to her forever home (6/1/18) and we will be happy to keep her until then!

Dottie would probably like to play with other dogs but ours are really not players. She is good with our chickens and we will try and test her soon with a small dog and cat.

We don’t know Dottie’s history but she is a confident dog and super sweet. She is a beauty with large feet! It is so funny, she keeps them spread so we call her Twinkle Toes. She sleeps well and is crate trained. She has hookworms so is being treated for that, so she will start gaining weight soon.

5/10 - Dottie has finished her last heartworm treatment last week and is now on her way to being heartworm free! She is feeling spunky but we are still trying to keep her calm for another 3 weeks. She has been accident free for about a week now so we feel confident that potty training is a success! She has not met small dogs or cats yet. She remains a wonderful loving girl with a great personality!

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