Daisy Mae - 3-4 years old (Fostered in Willow Spring, NC)

Daisy Mae - 3-4 years old (Fostered in Willow Spring, NC)


10/10/19: Hi. My name is Daisy Mae but my mom calls me wiggle butt. She says I am the cutest little girl ever. I am still getting used to my new foster family. My foster brother Winston (he is a boxer too) likes to play with me. We share toys and chase each other. I have another foster brother Toby, but he doesn’t look like me or Winston. Mommy says he is a kitty. He just stares at me but sometimes if I move really slow he will let me give him a kiss. I got to go to something called a baseball game...that was fun. I made lots of two legged friends there. Mom and dad said they were really proud of me. They said I was really gentle with all the little kids. I’m not sure I know what a kid is but I think I love them. I’m am such a happy girl!!!

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Dog's Name: Daisy Mae

Dog's Approximate Age: 3-4

Gender: Female

Dog's Size: Pocket Boxer (under 50lbs as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: Yes

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Yes

Good with kids?: Yes, all ages

Any medical issues?: No known issues

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: Don't know yet