Clemson - 5 years old (Fostered in Blackville, SC)

Clemson - 5 years old (Fostered in Blackville, SC)



Hi - I'm Clemson and I like my foster fur sisters more than my foster fur brother. I will tolerate him, but he's not my favorite. You see, I am very skinny and need to gain weight - when I was pulled from shelter, I weighed 69 lbs, but when I'm back to healthy status, I will most likely weigh over 100#s. I'm gaining weight everyday and right now my body needs to rest to get better - so I sleep a lot!!! I do like to lay in the sun, on my back - when I go outside. I have had no accidents in the house, but did not like my crate, so my Foster Mom lets me out. And, I do not destroy anything - I am completely trust worthy. I will continue posting my progress. I look forward to finding my forever home.


Clemson here again-
I am finally getting settled with my fur housemates—I wasn’t really crazy about them at first, but they are fun now. As you can see I pretty much sleep all day, other than the occasional potty break and feeding. FM says I need to eat often so I can get big and strong. I can’t wait until these teets dry up and get back to where they belong, it’s a little embarrassing having them blow in the breeze! My humans keep telling me that I am a princess, hopefully someone out there is looking for an addition like me for their family. Until next time, I’ll just keep snoring.


It’s been a little over a week since I have been with my foster family. I am finally gaining some much needed weight-now it’s harder to see my ribs! I am able to climb into the bed to sleep at night. And I am starting to play a little bit with the girl dogs-not so much with the boy dog. FM says she will miss me when I go to my furever home(but I don’t think she miss my obnoxious snoring)! Future furever peeps-where are you??? -Clemson

9/22/18: My name is Clemson and I’m a beautiful, white Boxer/Mastiff mix. I do have some health issues that we’re working on including an elongated soft palate (which I’m going to have corrected with surgery) and I’m about 15 pounds underweight. I also have some pain in my back legs that I take Novox for but I am heartworm negative! Yay! Aside from that, I’m a very sweet girl who gets along well with my foster brothers and sisters including dogs, cats and a ferret. I do like teenage children but haven’t really been around younger children to know if they are for me or not yet. I like to play with toys and I know how to sit. With a little work I’m sure I can learn how to do loads more tricks!

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Dog's Name: Clemson

Dog's Approximate Age: 7 years

Gender: Female

Dog's Size: Large (70lbs plus as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: Yes

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Yes

Good with kids?: Yes, older only

Any medical issues?: I have been diagnosed with mega esophagus, my esophagus doesn't flow like a normal dogs should (that just means I'm special). Because of this condition I have to be fed vertically. I also have an elongated soft pallet that I will hopefully be having surgery to shorten soon, until then I snore a lot and gasp for air when I get excited.

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: No