Abby - 8 years old (Fostered in Stedman NC)

Abby - 8 years old (Fostered in Stedman NC)


Hi my name is Abby. I am a happy go lucky dog who likes long walks in the neighborhood, playing with toys, (my favorite is the rope) and snuggling on the couch. I also like running outside with my fur brothers and sisters. My foster mom was impressed that I was well behaved and even knew some tricks. I am crate trained but do not really like being in there, but then again what dog does. I went to the vet about a week ago and did an excitement dance around the room every time they would come in to see me but I was out of control. It was just enough to let them know I love people. I cannot wait to show my forever family all the things I can do and do the excitement dance for them. Until then I will keep practicing so I don't get rusty.

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Dog's Name: Abby

Dog's Approximate Age: 8 years old

Gender: Female

Dog's Size: Large

Good with small dogs?: Yes

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Don't know yet

Good with kids?: Yes, all ages

Any medical issues?: None

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: No