Abby - 2 years old (Fostered in Durham, NC)

Abby - 2 years old (Fostered in Durham, NC)


Abby is a very sweet 2 year-old girl with lovely manners.  She has toys but doesn’t really play with them much, and never destroys them.

She walks very well on the leash, so she is a pleasure to take a stroll with – no pulling!  She also rides very well in the car and van.

She stays behind me on the stairs and doesn’t try to pass me, which is very comforting.  When we go out for a walk she leads down the steps to the yard but doesn’t pull me.

She is very friendly and plays nicely with the little dog across the street.  A cat lives there, too, and Abby is interested but Kitty runs away and Abby doesn’t try to follow.

She whines when one or both of us leave the house, but calms down after a few minutes.  When I put her out in the yard to play, etc, she’d really rather be inside with us.  She has never had an ‘accident’ inside.

She doesn’t like to be in her crate but we keep her there at night and when we go out during the day.  She has a mini trampoline with blankets that she loves to sleep on.

She has been micro chipped and is up to date on all her vaccines.  She is being treated for heartworms—the “fast kill” meds—so she will be free of them in a couple of months (by June, 2018).


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