Zeus - 5 years old (Fostered in Charlotte, NC)

Zeus - 5 years old (Fostered in Charlotte, NC)


Zeus here, checking in... I am so excited to be off the streets and in a foster home! I'm a sweet big boy- I currently weigh 75 pounds, but my foster mom tells me I can eat as much as I want because I should weigh over 100 pounds. I love food, so that's okay with me! I am most likely an American Bulldog mix. I'm very sweet and mellow, and love people (and did I mention food?). I currently live with both male and female boxers, and I'm pretty indifferent to them, so I'd be good in a home with other dogs. I haven't met any cats, but other than being WAY bigger than them, I think I'd be fine with them also. I'm housetrained and know how to sit and shake. I'm going to spend some time beefing back up and then I'll be neutered and get treated for heartworms. Then I'll be ready for my forever home!

10/10 Update 

Zeus “The Balu”

Zeus was living on the streets in June when he was picked up by a shelter and rescued by CBR. Now he is all spiffed up and ready to make a great pet. Everything about him says “Pick me, pick me!” He is the first dog I have been responsible for, and he has been a dream. Every day with him has been delightful.  He has good house manners and is fine in the house on his own. He is also crate trained.

I call him “Ba’lu” and he is beginning to answer to that. He has always been well-behaved, but he didn’t seem to know any commands at first. He learns quickly. We have completed a six-week obedience class. He has mastered sit and lie down. He will stay and wait while I prepare food, and will wait for his food after it is set down. He is great with children, even babies. He has gotten to be really good on a lead and is following oral commands. Occasionally he still tugs, but he is responding well to tongue clicks. He is curious about cats, maybe too curious, but he hasn’t shown any aggression toward cats or anything else.

His age is unknown. His teeth look good and his activity level leads trainers and his vet to estimate him at age 5 or younger. He had some health issues that have been addressed. He has been neutered and has completed heart worm treatment since coming to CBR. He sometimes bites his legs, and we are working to find the cause of that. He has good hips but has arthritis in his lower back. Drugs have been very effective at controlling the stiffness, and he is a normally active dog. He eats whatever I give him, and he takes pills with his food.

I think he is so good because he knows how hard life is on the streets. He’s very simple. He wants to please and to be loved. I know he will find a happy home!

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Dog's Name: Zeus

Dog's Approximate Age: 5

Gender: Male

Dog's Size: Large

Good with small dogs?: Yes

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Don't know yet

Good with kids?: Yes, all ages

Any medical issues?: Heartworm positive

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: Yes