Tune - 4 years old (Fostered in N. Charleston, SC)

Tune - 4 years old (Fostered in N. Charleston, SC)


Tune is trying to settle in, he has great manners, he doesn’t steal food, and knows all the basic commands I’ve tried. He did fine with the brief exposure he’s had with my cats even my bad cat who tried to tease him. He thinks my chickens look enticing and he’ll be on lead for a long time until the novelty of them wears off. He came with about 20 toys but no KONG so I bought a big ole one for him to have in his kennel. I’ll update you as he comes out of his shell and we see who Tune is.

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Tune is a big, friendly, goofy boy.  He likes to be with his people, so he would be best in a home where he is not left for extended periods of time.  When left alone, he needs to be in a specialty crate (like a ProSelect Empire crate) to keep him as well as your house safe.  He has been introduced to both large and small dogs, and is fine with smaller dogs.  He is fine with females his own size or larger, but is sometimes dog selective with larger male dogs, so he would be best in a home with females or smaller dogs.

He is heartworm negative and has no health issues.