Titan - 6 years old - MEDICAL HOLD - (Fostered in Winston-Salem NC)

Titan - 6 years old - MEDICAL HOLD - (Fostered in Winston-Salem NC)


Hi boxer lovers! Foster Titan comin at ya! I was set free from the shelter and I'm getting to know my foster family. My boxer siblings are great and are teaching me the ropes around here. I was really scared at first, and still am a little, but I'll be ok soon. I've had it pretty rough until now, so foster mom says I can have all the snacks and love and snuggles I want. For some reason I CAN'T have the kitties or any shoes to play with... no fair! Time for my afternoon nap, I'll update again soon

update 8/20 - Hi everyone! I wanted to give an update on how I'm doing in my foster home. I've been here a few weeks now, and I'm not scared anymore! I get along great with my foster siblings and we all play zoomies together in the yard. I've learned how to play with toys, and have a nightly ritual of taking every toy out of my basket and piling them on my bed. I even snuck up on foster mom and stole this toy when she was cleaning out a closet today. She told me it was supposed to be for Christmas, but I loved it so much I get to keep it! I still have these icky worms in my heart for now and I'm hoping to start my treatment soon. That's all for now! Hugs and big slobbery kisses from Titan! 

Rescues rule!

Titan is good with big dogs and has not been kid tested yet. No small dogs or kittays please.