Stanley Elroy Pendergrast - 5-6 years old (Fostered in Walterboro, SC)

Stanley Elroy Pendergrast - 5-6 years old (Fostered in Walterboro, SC)


Hello, CBR family!  Buckshot here, or as I now prefer to be called, Stanley.  Actually, Stanley Elroy Pendergrast.  See, I have had a rough past but am leaving those days behind me, and I think a fancy name will help me.. Only the good life for me now!  I came to my foster home and CBR after being shot and left in a ditch in South Carolina.  My foster mom heard about me and moved heaven and earth to get me to CBR.  After a couple of surgeries to repair the damage (including removing my left hip socket), I’m rested and recovered in my foster home, ready for my forever home.  My foster mom doesn’t understand how I ended up living the rough bachelor life on the street, because I’m the sweetest boy in the world and love giving kisses (I have a daily quota of kisses to give, alright?).  I love being with people, and my blanket.  If my blanket isn’t near my people, I drag it closer so I can have my blanket AND my people. I love dogs of all sizes, and would be good with older children because I'm a big guy.


Because of my previous surgery, I limp some.  I get around JUST FINE, so don’t go feeling all sorry for me.  My foster mom says it’s been easy to train me, because I don’t jump or run around too fast.  I even have this cool trick where I can pull my leg up and tripod it if I want to get somewhere quick.  I love car rides, and just need a little help getting in and out of the car.  I need to make my humans feel useful, alright?   I LOVE to play and wrestle with the other fur kids in my foster home, so I am perfect for a home with other boxers.  I am a good boy, and only bark when the other dogs tell me they see something concerning out the front window. My new family should be prepared for lots of kisses, and I would like to request lots of chin and belly scratchings daily.


Because of my thug life past, I am heartworm positive and am currently going through the slow kill method to rid me of these pesky worms.  I have a couple of boxer lumps to get taken off once my heartworms are gone, but then I’ll be svelte and sleek again.  I also have a slight embarrassing thing to tell you...I sometimes, um… leak.  Just a little dribble sometimes.  The doctor thinks its from my previous injuries.  I am fully housebroken, though, and my foster mom says I’m a really good boy at letting them know I’m ready for yard time. I'm also crate trained!


My foster mom is the best… after nursing me back to health, she wants to help me find my forever family.  She says the perfect family for me is out there- someone looking for a sweet and handsome boy who was down on his luck before coming to CBR.  Will you be my family?

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approximate age? 5-6 years

-good with small dogs? Yes

-good with big dogs?  Yes

-good with kids? (all ages, only older kids?) Yes, but because of his hip, children over 10 would be best

-approximate weight when he's healthy  75 pounds

-crate trained?  Yes