Snoopy - Puppy (Fostered in Summerville, SC)

Snoopy - Puppy (Fostered in Summerville, SC)


Snoopy is an amazing little pup.  He was brought into the rescue after being surrendered by his owner.  He was one of 15 pups born 11/25/18 to a white mom and flashy colored dad.  Due to genetic factors related to the breeding pair (more common with dogs with white genes), he was born completely blind and deaf.  He loves toys and playing with other dogs.  He is very loving, playful, and curious- a typical boxer puppy!  

He doesn’t let his blindness and deafness stop him, but it does present some specific needs for a forever home.  He is working on learning touch signals for commands, and is very smart!  He is also mapping his foster home and is figuring out how to avoid walls and furniture. 

He is looking for a forever home with:

  • an actual fence- an electric fence won’t work because he can’t hear the beep of a collar or see where the edge of a yard is.  Likewise, fewer open “hazards” in the yard would be best.  For example, pools that aren’t fenced in would be a challenge for a blind and deaf dog

  • another dog buddy that can see/hear to be his “helper”.  Since he’s so young and playful, at least one younger dog would be a best match

  • a family who understands that they can’t rearrange furniture/leave things out that would be hazards for him.  He’d be fine in a home with older children, but younger children that might leave toys all over the place could be problematic as he could trip on them.  Stairs can be challenging for blind dogs, so his forever family should be prepared to gate off stairs so he doesn’t accidentally fall down them and get hurt.  Some blind dogs can learn to avoid stairs, but others need stairs gated permanently

  • a family who doesn’t travel a lot- being boarded can be very stressful for blind/deaf dogs.  Some blind/deaf dogs are okay with traveling, but I’m sure you can imagine the challenge of having to adapt and “map” new environments

  • a family who is willing to work to train and socialize him ️  His foster mom is happy to help his forever family learn how to train him, but he would also benefit from some time with a trainer experienced with blind/deaf dogs

Check out Snoopy’s Journey on his Facebook page as he figures out his way through this big world as a deaf and blind puppy! Snoopy’s journey

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