Scooby - 7 years old (Fostered in Fayetteville, NC)

Scooby - 7 years old (Fostered in Fayetteville, NC)


Scooby is an easy going boy who is perfect in the home. He is completely potty trained and has never had any accidents. He does not need to be crated when you leave him home alone. He does not chew anything up and he even leaves the trash in the kitchen alone. Scooby loves to be with his people. He follows us room to room, but gives us enough space at the same time. He enjoys naps on the sofa or his doggie bed. If you are on the sofa with Scooby, he will very gently lower himself onto your lap to cuddle. He is good at reading his human's emotions and he will stay by your side if you are sad or upset. He will just let you hug him as long as it takes for him to make you feel better. He has great manners and does not jump up on you unless you tell him it is ok. Scooby has not shown any interest in toys, but he lives for his twice a day doggie walks. Scooby is really good on the leash and he does not pull hard unless he sees another dog being walked. He will bark at the dog too, but we are working on this, and he is getting better. His previous fosters said that he got along great with their three other dogs, so I am guessing that he acts like this out of excitement. Scooby is very quiet in the house or backyard. He sometimes vocalizes if you stop petting him and he wants more petting. It is so funny! What a character! If I ask him if he wants his doggie walk, he will bark in excitement too, but that is pretty much it. He has been great with my six month old son, so a home with children would be fine. He is gentle and he likes to give my son kisses. He only likes to hang out in the back yard if you are with him. He has a fear of the word "bath" and the bathroom itself. He has not once gone in any of my bathrooms. He is not afraid of water in general. I did bathe him in my carport by using a bucket of soapy water and my garden hose. He did just fine, I think he is afraid of the tub itself or perhaps being submerged in water. I would say that he is a low energy dog but every now and then he takes off like lightning in the back yard to run his laps or do boxer zoomies. For being low energy, Scooby can be super fast when he wants to be. He knows some basic commands. He can sit, stay, and he listens if you tell him to go lay down. He is very loving and kind and he always gives us such a warm welcome when we come home. Taking care of this sweet boy is super easy. Feed him, love him, and walk him, and he will be happy.  I do not think he is cat friendly from what I gathered from his previous foster.

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ender: Male

Dog's Size: Large

Good with small dogs?: Yes

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Don't know yet

Good with kids?: Yes, all ages

Any medical issues?:

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: No