Ringo Starr - 2 years old (Fostered in Bluffton, SC)

Ringo Starr - 2 years old (Fostered in Bluffton, SC)


9/6/19: Playful and energetic, handsome and insecure, stubborn and overzealous, friendly and eager to learn. My name is Ringo and that is how I would describe myself. Here is my story….

This past spring, I became lost, and I ended up in an overcrowded shelter. My person never found me. A nice lady came to visit one day and she drove me to a different shelter. She named me Ringo Starr. I think the new shelter was close by because the ride wasn’t a very long one. I was there for about a month before I began to notice that more and more dogs were coming to stay there too. You see the kennels at my new shelter were starting to fill up as well.

Then one day a different lady, who ended up being my CBR foster mom, picked me up and took me to a place where I got all cleaned up from head to toe. The people there told FM that I was a good boy, except that I didn’t want to have any part of that warm air blowing on me. It was loud and scary!!

My foster family gave me a soft bed to sleep on, lots of toys to play with, and two Boxers to keep me company. I like to play with them A LOT more than they like to play with me though. That’s a bummer cause, I really like to play and would do it all day if I could! There is also a cat who lives in the barn. I know this isn’t a very nice thing to say, but I don’t like her very much. Sorry kitty, but it’s the truth!

FM told me that I need to describe the perfect person for me. I’m really hoping that someone special picks me this time. Someone who is willing to teach me how to be the buddy they have been searching for. Someone with patience. You see, I’m a little rough around the edges because nobody ever paid attention to me or taught me anything until now. FM tells me that I have potential. I like when she tells me this! If you have a fenced in yard for me to run zoomies in and if you are willing to be my rock and help me build up my confidence, I would be ever so grateful! And…if you happen to have another pup who likes to play all day just like me, well, that would be better than a frozen bone on a hot day! So, what do you say? Are you up for it? Remember the words of my namesake, “It Don’t Come Easy". He wrote that song you know! FM told me so. Love, Ringo

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Foster Ringo Starr

Dog's Name: Ringo Starr

Dog's Approximate Age: 1 1/2 -2

Gender: Male

Dog's Size: Medium (50lbs to 70lbs. as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: Don't know yet

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: No

Good with kids?: Don't know yet

Any medical issues?: None

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Working on it

Heartworms?: No