Obi - 1 year old (Fostered in Clayton, NC)

Obi - 1 year old (Fostered in Clayton, NC)


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... a puppy Jedi was born! Meet Obi! He is a fun, energetic 1 year old that is learning what it feels like to have love in his life. He is gorgeous and tall, but still super skinny from his previous life. He is LOVING all the extra treats and actually sings for his supper! He has the cutest, softest little howl when his dog dish comes out :) He was house trained after only 2 days. Obi is so smart. He'll wait patiently by the door when he needs to go potty.

He LOVES to play with our two boxers (we have a male and a female). He likes to wrestle and sometimes doesn't know how strong and big he is, so we think he would do best with another larger dog who can play at his level. We are not sure what his life was like before, but are pretty sure he was severely neglected and left in the crate for long periods of time. Therefore he is not a big fan of being left alone. He really likes to be with his people or his pack. He needs a special crate that is Jedi-proof! He has already come a long way in the short time he has been with us. Our pack has helped him a lot and we think he would do best with another dog in the house to help him should he ever feel anxious. We have not tested him with kids yet, but he is a very happy go lucky guy and would love the attention that would come with a big family! He loves to play fetch, take long walks and go for car rides...perfect for family adventures!

Despite a rough start in life, Obi is thriving now! He has been neutered, is heart worm negative, has been microchipped and is fully vaccinated. The only thing left for him is to find his furever home with all those extra treats :) Adopt Obi!

4/1 Update

Obi wanted to take advantage of this gorgeous weather and go on an adventure today!

He enjoyed his first brunch!!!  We ate outside on the patio with other patrons and their dogs and Obi was very polite.  He laid down beside our table and enjoyed all the attention of the passers by that told him how handsome he was!  Ice cream was next on the menu.  Obi has decided that cookies and cream is he favorite flavor.

The best part of the day was discovering Obi's most favorite!!!  We don't have kids ourselves so while walking around today we ran into several children and we have never seen Obi wiggle so much before!  Even though he was very excited to give them lots of puppy kisses, he knew to be gentle.  We hope Obi can find a wonderful family with children who are ready to have a dog that they can grow up with.

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Dog's Name: Obi

Dog's Approximate Age: 1 Year Old

Gender: Male

Dog's Size: Large

Good with small dogs?: Don't know yet

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: No

Good with kids?: Don't know yet

Any medical issues?: no

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: No