Munter - 10 years old (Fostered in Elizabethtown, NC)

Munter - 10 years old (Fostered in Elizabethtown, NC)


Guten Morgen, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Foster Munter. For those of you who aren't bilingual like me, Munter is German for lively or sharp-witted. I have been in my neues haus for just over a week now and meine foster Mutter says I try daily to live up to my name. I am zehn (10) years old but I like to believe I am Junggebliebene (young at heart). I have arthritis, but I still love to do the Boxer zoomies outside as often as possible! I like other dogs and I'm very curious about other animals like cats; I enjoy chasing them, but only because I want to play (I'm lively remember?) Another thing I love is die kinder! Mutter calls them children, but either way they are fun, especially to watch! Most of the time that's what I do, observe. I am quickly warming up and getting comfortable with affection, but I do like my personal space. Mutter on the other hand gets no such luxury! I follow her everywhere, even into das badezimmer! (She says you'll have to look that one up yourself!) I am completely house-trained, but I do not like the crate. You see, at my age you get set in your ways and truthfully, that thing frightens me. Stairs are hard for me because of my legs, I go up okay but usually need help coming down. Mutter says I am such an easy dog that I will soon find someone who wants to give me a "fur immer zuhause". I told her that "a forever home" sounds like heaven in any language.

Bis spater,
Herr Munter

10/26 Update   

Hallo Freunde!
Well today has been a month since I've been in my foster haus.  I have really come out of my shell and Mutter says I'm going to be wonderful company for someone. I am ein dunner Mann (sounds better than skinny!), but besides my arthritis, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health! Achy joints don't keep me from my favorite things though. I like balls and I LOVE zu rennen! Mutter says when I run my legs make me look like a baby giraffe! I've never seen a giraffe but I'm pretty sure I'm more handsome. I continue to avoid the other dog here, but I canput her in check if I need to. Mutter won't let us have toys together because I can be a little possessive of mine. We do dine together and I am always on my best behavior. I love to play with the cat but evidently he likes zu rennen too because he is hard to catch! I spend most of my time on my soft bed because it feels good to my legs. Sometimes I curl up beside Mutter, but most of the time I prefer my own space close by. The children still come around a lot. I love them but know to take it easy and have never jumped on them. I really like it here, but Mutter says with a sweet grey face like mine I will go to a forever home soon!

Spater, Munter

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