Mr. Darcy - 9 years old (Fostered in Elizabethtown, NC)

Mr. Darcy - 9 years old (Fostered in Elizabethtown, NC)


Please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Darcy (formerly Cocoa), the dog who in disposition and talents would most suit you. Mr. Darcy is a true lover who is happy to snuggle by his human most of the day. He needs a bit of meat on his bones, and we are currently working on that.  Although he is an older gentleman estimated to be between 8 and 10, he enjoys his daily walks, does well on a leash, and could possibly be a good jogging partner. He is completely house trained, will go into the kennel for a treat, but cries if he can't see you and does attempt to escape. Free roam of the house is his ideal situation and his behavior merits it. He is non-reactive to other dogs or cats, and great with children, gentle, and again, snuggly.  Give Mr. Darcy the chance and he will bewitch you and you will wish from that day forth never to be parted from him!


Mr. Darcy would like to thank a sponsor for all of these goodies. He ate the big cookie so quickly I couldn't get a picture! With generosity like this he will be plumped up in no time!

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