Hendrix - 4-5 years old (Fostered in Charlotte, NC)

Hendrix - 4-5 years old (Fostered in Charlotte, NC)


Hendrix is a sweetheart.  The shelter estimated him around 6, but we believe he's a little younger, probably 4 or 5.  He is HW positive and needs to be neutered and we are going to start him on the slow kill and set up an appointment Spay/Neuter Clinic to get him fixed.  

He is crate trained and gets along with both boxers and our Scottie, even though our Scottie is a mall cop when the boxers play.  

He LOVES balls.  As soon as he comes out of his crate he grabs a ball and prances around and plays keep away.  That's also how he gets Tinkerbell to play with him.  He chases Jacob in the backyard and knows that inside Tinkerbell is the one to play with.  He's learning how to snuggle, and is a hard snuggler and super affectionate.  You can tell he just wants to be loved.  No concept of personal space but what boxer does?  

We are starting to work on basic commands with him and is showing the boxer stubborn streak, but he is food motivated.  I've attached a couple of pictures, although a lot of times he's moving too fast to photograph or too busy with a ball that he can't be bothered.   :-)

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