Gunter - 5 years old (Fostered in Myrtle Beach, SC)

Gunter - 5 years old (Fostered in Myrtle Beach, SC)


5/1/19: Hi, I am Gunter! I do not remember much of my previous history. I found a wonderful couple about 3 weeks ago who took me in. I had to stay outside because they already had 5 little fur babies. I love being outside and sitting on the porch. I also liked the little guys...however, they were not much for playing with so I just left them alone for the most part. I would keep trying but they just wanted to chill all of the time. The couple couldn't keep me because of major health issues. However, they did fatten me up some! They turned me over to Carolina Boxer Rescue the other day. I had a temporary foster until one more permanently could be found. I got along with my foster mommy well! She spent time working with me on being housebroken...only had 2 little accidents...I am learning though. I am also getting used to being in a crate. Little rough in the beginning but getting easier each day. I do not like being in my own room. I want to be with everyone. I did meet her little fur baby...Bella, a Pomeranian. She was real cute but she didn't want to play either. She would sit on her lap and I would sit right next to them. I did good going for a walk! I had to get used to a halti collar but my foster mom said it was a lot easier to handle me. Walks tired me out. When we would get back home, I would just relax on the lawn or porch for a while. I am getting used to being inside and I love it!! I even had my own bed! I would just chill with everyone while watching TV until it was bed time. 

Well, now I am off to meet my permanent foster! And there are kids...real kids! I can't wait to meet everyone and see who is up for playing! Wish me luck!

5/13/19: My foster mom says I'm the sweetest boy. I love my humans of all shapes and sizes. Foster mom takes me to work with her but I can't hang with all of the dogs. I don't think they like my "greetings" - the humans call it humping - whatever that means. Apparently I need to be fixed and maybe I'll quit doing that. They have a cat there too but she won't let me catch her - I may be a bit too aggressive for the felines. 

They left me home for a couple of hours the other day. These pesky things on the windows got in my way while I was anxiously awaiting their return. I don't think they'll let me roam the house alone when they leave again. 

Humans are my favorite and I prefer to have my humans with me as often as I can. I follow them everywhere.

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Dog's Name: Gunter

Dog's Approximate Age: 5yo

Gender: Male

Dog's Size: Medium (50lbs to 70lbs. as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: Yes

Good with big dogs?: No

Good with cats?: No

Good with kids?: Yes, all ages

Any medical issues?: Heartworms and he needs to be neutered.

Crate trained?: No

House trained?: Working on it

Heartworms?: Yes