Fletch - 2 years old (Fostered in Wilmingon, NC)

Fletch - 2 years old (Fostered in Wilmingon, NC)


Fletch desperately needs an extra-special home that understands his quirks!  His issue is with other animals. You see, Fletch loves to play with other dogs…UNTIL he suddenly decides otherwise... with no notice. Because of this, he is to be an only dog at all times. His main trigger with other animals is food. However, we had three incidents with other dogs that did not involve food, so we’ve decided it is imperative not to interact off leash with other dogs and to always be in a single dog household.

While Fletch likes to go for walk, he is reactive on the leash with other dogs. With his strength, an experienced adult needs to walk him. He’s 55 lbs. of muscle and energy! I do think this is a behavior that can be reduced with regular walks, positive reinforcement and common sense. The good news is that he's just as happy to run around in a yard. He thinks car rides are the best!

Fletch will start whining when he needs to go potty. He has excellent house manners other than counter surfing. He will snatch something tasty off the counter if he sees the opportunity. He does get on furniture, but he has a clean tight coat. Fletch's favorite thing in the whole world is feeding time! Fletch prefers to sleep in the bed with a human or on the couch. If you let him choose, he’s probably going to get in the bed. 

Fletch will do anything for a treat. He has to earn it by sitting or going to the area where I want him. He will readily go into the crate for a bologna snack. (FYI - someone obviously pulled on his collar in the past, and he really doesn’t like it.) He lounges halfway in your lap. If there's a human sitting in a chair or on the couch, he’s probably going to climb up to snuggle. He adores playing with toys – stuffed animals, hard bones, balls, ropes, anything. 

Because Fletch was picked up as a stray several months ago, we have no information on his background. He already knew basic commands and was house-trained. Fletch was neutered when he came into rescue. He tested negative for heartworms and intestinal worms, and he's up-to-date on shots. 

PLEASE consider adopting Fletch. He needs a champion!! He is a sweet, loving boy who just wants to be someone's best friend.

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Dog's Name: Fletch

Dog's Approximate Age: 2

Gender: Male

Dog's Size: Medium (50lbs to 70lbs. as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: No

Good with big dogs?: No

Good with cats?: No

Good with kids?: No kids under 12

Any medical issues?:

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: No

Mikey needs to be an only dog. No children under 12 years of age.