Fergus - 3 years old (Fostered in Rolesville, NC)

Fergus - 3 years old (Fostered in Rolesville, NC)


Hi, my name is Fergus! I am a 3 year old boxer mastiff who came to my foster home after CBR pulled me from a shelter. I have only been here a few days, but so far I am very sweet and I'm getting along with my foster sister (boxer). She wants to play with me but right now I'm content just napping and chewing on my toys. I have run into the smaller dogs in the neighborhood and don't mind them. I'm really sweet and laid back. My foster mom thinks I will have more energy once I am off my meds and get my heartworms taken care of, so my personality may change. I heard I'm going to be "fixed" soon. There's also a foster brother (cat) around here. I've nice to him but he doesn't seem to like me yet. After being a stray and then going to the shelter, I need to work on my house manners, but I'm doing well! Foster mom and dad keep telling me I'm a good boy. I am underweight at 75lbs but I like to eat so that won't last long. I'm going to be a big boy.

3/8 Update

Fergus has been with us a little over 2 weeks and we're starting to see his more of his personality. His tail is wagging a lot more and he will come up to you looking to get his ears scratched. He's really laid back and likes to just lay around and chew on his toys. At first he didn't want anything to do with peanut butter but now he LOVES it in his Kong. He walks well on the leash and likes to take short walks around the neighborhood. We're still working on housetraining but he is starting to get it. He's a really sweet boy.


Fergus continues to thrive in his foster home. While he does require daily anti-seizure medication, he only had 1 seizure in almost 7 weeks. Fergus has completed his first round of Heartworm treatment and will undergo his final 2 injections June 13th and 14th. After that he can be neutered. Fergus is finally gaining weight too! He is up to 104lbs. And while he is NOT small….. he is very calm and gentle. When I say this…. What I mean is….. he would LOSE a race with a snail. He has the most laid back personality. If you are seeking an active dog….. he is NOT for you. His “likes” are: Food, Laying in the yard for hours on end…. And watching TV. Seriously…. He sits here and watches entire programs. Fergus is housebroken, and has amazing manners. He does not jump, he does not bark or even respond to doorbells or other dogs barking at him. No, really….I have NEVER heard him bark. Are you seeking a guard dog? He is not for you. He will ‘trot” when food is involved….. but on a walk….. most Ants will beat you to the corner. We cannot say enough about how WONDERFUL he is. And he has the most Squishable face. Picture is of Fergus Watching Judge Judy. He loves her….


Even in this heat.... he WANTS to stay outside... often for hours and hours. I bring him water and try to coax him inside... but, he prefers to stay here... in the dirt hole he created for himself.

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Dog's Name: Fergus

Dog's Approximate Age: 3

Gender: Male

Dog's Size: Large

Good with small dogs?: Yes

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Yes

Good with kids?: Don't know yet

Any medical issues?: Heartworm positive
Will be neutered

Crate trained?: No

House trained?: Working on it

Heartworms?: Yes