Eichel - 3 month old (Fostered in Charleston, SC)

Eichel - 3 month old (Fostered in Charleston, SC)


"Hey y'all! My name is Eichel... as in Jack.... Eichel?!? Oh I forgot, were in football territory here. You see, my foster family is a bunch of northerners who moved south to escape the bad weather up there. They're big hockey fans, which is why my 4 year old skin foster brother named me after his favorite hockey player, Jack Eichel.

I've been at my foster home for just over a day. And let me tell you, everyone who has seen me so far has fallen in love. I know ladies, it's hard not to swoon when you're this adorable. I'm not only good-looking, I LOVE tiny humans, and other dogs! My foster home has two big boxer boys, who I like to box in the face to get them to play with me. And two tiny humans, ages 3 & 4, who love to run around with me. I also played with my neighbors' puppy and their Boston terrier, so I'm great with small dogs, too! 

As you might have heard, I am deaf, just like my other two siblings. But DON'T let that discourage you. I am as sweet as pie and already a fast learner. I like to follow my foster brothers around and tend to do what they do. I think I would love a sweet doggie companion in my forever home, as well as some tiny little humans to grow up with, too. I would really love a family who is either familiar with deaf dogs, or has a very high level of patience. I am learning, but it may take me a bit longer than a puppy who can hear! 

I am already fitting right into my home. My foster mama is sending this email and I'm snoring away in her bed, right between my foster brothers. All 3 of us eat together without any issues. I really enjoy adult dog food, so I usually  steal their food. While my porky foster brother eats my puppy food. As you can see in my pictures, I love sleeping with a little pink teddy bear. My foster mom isn't sure where I got it, but it came with me and I love it! It's like my own personal security blanket.

Well - I'm off to dreamland. I've got another big day of being a sweet and curious puppy tomorrow!

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