Dino - 1 year old (Fostered in Conway, SC)

Dino - 1 year old (Fostered in Conway, SC)


8/7/19: Meet Dino...he is such a sweet boy! On a typical day you can find him snuggled up with his humans, a favorite toy, and/or his best dog friend. He surprisingly has a mellow easy going personality for a boxer, but can easily keep up with his energetic friend(s) during playtime. It’s been a joy to have him around! He does great when left outside of the kennel and naps until we come home. He is potty trained, but he’s still working on feeling comfortable with a crate. He’s quiet, gentle, and rarely barks. Anyone would be lucky to be his forever family.

9/2/19: Hi, I'm Dino, I am in my second foster home because I gave my first foster family a hard time, escaping from the crate and being destructive while they were away from home. My new foster dad has been getting to know me for a few weeks now and I think he may have figured out some of my problems.
He has two boxers of his own, Ruger and Kimber and I just love playing with them, sitting on them and sleeping on them. They're like my brother and sister from another mister! When I first showed up here, my foster dad paid close attention to my separation anxiety. My previous foster family told him that I hurt myself escaping from the crate when no one is home. I really dislike being crated! Even though Ruger and Kimber don't have to ever be crated I had to be crated because of the unknown at first but it took a very heavy duty crate to keep me safe. I was allowed to stay out of the crate a little at a time while my dad was gone and now, I don't get crated at all. Not being in a crate and having Ruger and Kimber here with me has almost diminished my anxiety. I may pace a little when my dad leaves and I might do a little counter surfing, which we're working on but I quickly make myself comfortable with my brother and sister and mostly rest until dad gets home.
I know much of what you've read makes me sound like a big problem but I promise you, I just require some understanding. I am really a super sweet, cuddly puppy that just want's a brother or sister to play with.
If you're a family with a brother or sister for me and you're ok with the thought of not locking me in a crate when no one is home I will make you very happy. You must also love to cuddle because I'm really happy when I can rest my head on my person and take a long nap.

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Dog's Name: Dino

Dog's Approximate Age: 1yr 8 months

Gender: Male

Dog's Size: Medium (50lbs to 70lbs. as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: Don't know yet

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Don't know yet

Good with kids?: Don't know yet

Any medical issues?: No

Crate trained?: No

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: No

*Dino has a slight personal space issue and will sit on top of you or anyone if that is where he wants to sit. (see pics of Dino sitting on top of foster sister Kimber. lol)