Camden - 1 year old BEHAVIOR HOLD (Fostered in Columbia SC)

Camden - 1 year old BEHAVIOR HOLD (Fostered in Columbia SC)


Meet Camden, a sweet young boy with a happy, loving personality! He was sprung from"jail" yesterday and is ready for the good life. He appears to be healthy - just needs to be neutered. Heartworm negative. Yay! He's a big boy. Although he only weighs around 55 pounds now, he needs to gain about 10 pounds. He's all white except a black spot on his right ear and has a natural tail and floppy ears. More to come soon. Welcome Camden!

10/28 Update   Camden is a goofy, playful boy with a super sweet personality. He's neutered, heartworm negative, and at an weight (around 65 pounds). He LOVES to play with other dogs and to go for daily walks. Despite being so young and strong, he's surprisingly easy to walk. He prefers leisurely strolls over power walks. Camden loves water. He regularly invites himself into the shower in the morning and will hop into a lake or pond if you let him. He's a huge snuggler. He'll curl up with you to watch a movie or for a good belly rub (his favorite) once he burns off his energy. He didn't know about toys when he arrived, so we're trying to teach him to play with those. So far, he likes ones he can shake and sling around. Prior to coming into rescue, it's obvious that Camden had zero training and probably not much human attention either. He's very smart and quickly learning boundaries.

Camden has two specific behavior issues we're working on: food resource guarding and playing/mouthing too rough with people. He guards high value edible items at times (his breakfast, a snatched no-no food item from the kitchen). We're working with him on this with a "drop it" command, and things are getting better than when he first got here. He eats meals in a crate, which solves his anxiety about anyone (human or canine) taking his food. He only gets edible big treats (such as a meaty bone) in his crate or if in a situation where no human or dog will bother him. If he gets a hold of something you need to take from him, he will "trade" you for a tasty treat, like a piece of cheese. You can give him small edible treats by hand (milkbones, deli meat) and he takes them very softly. You can also give him treats with other dogs around without any problems. The mouthing is his way of playing. Camden is slowly learning he can't play with humans like he does with other dogs.

Despite those two not-so-good behaviors, Camden's loving personality far outweighs any negatives. He needs a family who will be patient with him and appreciate him goofiness. A yard and daily walks are a must (he's happy with a short stroll around the block or a longer outing...doesn't matter which). He desperately wants to be part of the family. He sleeps on a bed on the floor in our bedroom or in "his chair" in the family room.

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