Buddy - 5 years old (Fostered in Conway, SC)

Buddy - 5 years old (Fostered in Conway, SC)


Hi, Buddy here.  This is day number six in my new foster home and I have (pretty much) been a very good boy.  FM had to figure out my preference for food, but now that she did I am eating better.  Yes, I like scrambled eggs with cheese, and rotisserie chicken mixed in with my kibble, but I also like a some wet canned food in there too.  I haven't played with any toys yet, so FM doesn't know if I never had any or am still settling in.  I won't even chase a ball!  I am very attached to FD, and would be at his shadow if he let me go outside with him when he is doing work around the house.  I had no accidents since coming here - until this morning!  After FM feed me, I went over to her chair, lifted my leg, and "marked my territory!"   And she already had me outside in the yard with her for almost an hour before!  She remembers that her last rescue did that once in the beginning too.  I will try not to do that again.  

Yesterday I went to the groomer's and had a nice bath, my nails trimmed and ears cleaned.  I will be going to "get snipped" this week (whatever that means!)  

I haven't been crated, have free roam of the house and sleep wherever I want.  I don't climb on furniture, but I do try to climb up onto FD's lap when he is watching TV.  He says there is no room for both of us in his recliner, but I will wear him down one of these days!  Other than that, I have not tried to climb on any furniture.  I have a bed that I sleep in sometimes, but during the day I spend most of my time right next to FD's chair if he is in it.  Today they will test me to see how I do at home alone for bit.  PS:  Last night they took me to Bruster's and I had banana frozen yogurt.  Boy did I like that!

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