Bruno - 1-2 year old (Fostered in Wilmington, NC)

Bruno - 1-2 year old (Fostered in Wilmington, NC)


8/28/18: Bruno here! Foster Mom said it is time for her to stop being selfish and tell everyone about what a great dog I am. She said "Bruno, I want to be a foster fail and keep you, but you are going to make another family so happy and that wouldn't be fair of me!" I really like my foster fur brother A LOT and I would love to be in a home with another dog so we can play. I LOVE to play, but I also like to rest after awhile. When my foster fur brother tells me he's had enough, then I go find my foster mom and follow her all around and even lie down right in the middle of the kitchen where she is cooking or lie down at her feet while she is working. She tells me I don't give her any personal space on the couch, but I really like to stretch out AND cuddle at the same time. I really love my human foster siblings too. Sometimes I jump on them a little too much and try to lick them SOOOO much. They say "Bruno DOWN!", but sometimes I don't listen, but I am trying really hard. When I first meet people I like to jump, but I'm trying hard to stop that too. Foster Mom says I am doing such a good job of learning. One thing I sure do hate is walking on a leash! What is that thing anyway?? Foster mom calls me "Bruno the Bucking Bronco" when I have a leash on, but we're working on that too. I am the HAPPIEST dog and I just really want to make everyone as happy as I am. Oh, I also love to do zoomies around the yard! I am SO fast and I love to jump. Sometimes, I run so fast towards my foster fur brother --- he's blind, so he doesn't see me coming -- and I just jump right over him and keep going! Foster mom says I am sweet and snuggly and silly. I sleep all night and don't bother anyone. I don't bark a lot and nothing makes me very nervous. I did really well at the vet and everyone loved me! I don't like taking medicine and Foster Mom tried to sneak it into treats, but she didn't fool me! I spit those pills right out! But, I knew I had to take my medicine (I had kennel cough - yuck!) so I let foster mom open my mouth and put the pills right on the back of my tongue without getting upset. I am a very patient and sweet boy! I hope I meet my new family soon!

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Dog's Name: Bruno

Dog's Approximate Age: 1-2 years old

Gender: Male

Dog's Size: Medium (50lbs to 70lbs. as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: Don't know yet

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: No

Good with kids?: Yes, all ages

Any medical issues?: No

Crate trained?: No

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: No