Bodie - 2 years old (Fostered in Augusta, GA)

Bodie - 2 years old (Fostered in Augusta, GA)


10/19/18: Let me introduce you to Foster Bodie. He is one BIG boy. He's only been in his foster home for two days so we don't know a lot about his personality. But here's what we do know: He's super playful and strong. He needs leash training, but he is definitely trainable. He's only had two walks and has improved. He takes direction really well. He will definitely need a physically capable owner due to his size and strength. He is all muscle. He likes to jump so we're working with him on that. He is not aggressive with kids at all. He just would probably be too much for small children because he certainly has no idea how strong and big he is. He must feel like Lebron James felt as a child! He hasn't been able to play with his foster brothers yet because he is still settling in. We will keep y'all posted on how he does with other dogs. He sleeps all night in the crate with no whining. He likes the backyard and does not really bark much back there. He doesn't try to escape either. If you like big dogs with big personalities, Bodie will make a great addition to your home. He's gotten so many handsome boy compliments from our neighbors already.

10/22/18: Bodie is doing great. He is like a clown in an athlete’s body. He loves playing with his foster brothers Charlie and Ruben. He likes very physical play but he has no problem being submissive. He’s getting better on leash. He does really well with firm commands and is learning not to jump. He is a super fast learner and does what you ask him to do so long as you stay consistent. He is just the sweetest big boy boxer ever. Our kids can not resist his big scrunchie face and eyes. But he really needs to be with kids who can handle his size. And he’d probably be best if he had another dog or two to play with. He is so happy when he’s playing with another dog. He hasn’t chewed anything or had accidents in the house. He does great in the crate. His tail is massive so you have to be on the look out for it!

10/24/18: Bodie is great with kids but older would be better due to his size. He needs training on leash but he is trying really, really hard. He wants to do what he’s supposed to! He’s crate and house trained. He likes getting on furniture if you let him but he’s fine if he can’t. He loves playing with his foster brothers the most. Second best is hanging with his people. He just loves affection like most boxers. He needs another dog in the home so he can play and have a companion. This boy needs more than just a walk or run daily. He is at his finest with a dog companion who doesn’t mind how physical he is. He is not aggressive at all. He has been willing to be the submissive one with both of our boys. Bodie needs space to run and explore, so he needs a yard. He just likes to exercise and explore and play! Bodie is strong and big, so he needs a physically-able owner. He just needs someone who can physically maneuver him. He has puppy tendencies so an assertive owner that can work with him. He is so well behaved and trainable if you are assertive with him. He’s so stinking cute, you just want to let him do whatever he wants.

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Dog's Name: Bodie

Dog's Approximate Age: 2

Gender: Male

Dog's Size: Large (70lbs plus as adult and healthy weight)

Good with small dogs?: Don't know yet

Good with big dogs?: Yes

Good with cats?: Don't know yet

Good with kids?: Yes, older only

Any medical issues?: None

Crate trained?: Yes

House trained?: Yes

Heartworms?: No