Seniors... Silvers... No matter what we call them, they are often overlooked..  Most likely the last to be adopted as they aren't as cute as a puppy or people don't think they are trainable but probably the biggest reason why people are reluctant to adopt a senior dog is because they fear that the time with their new best friend will be short, bringing that painful time of loss closer. But the privilege of loving a senior dog makes every single day special.. 

Some of our Silvers will stay in their foster homes for the remainder of their lives as they might have some medical issues or advanced age that makes them less attractive to adopt..Many require supplements like Glucosamine, Fish Oil, etc to help with older bones and make sure they stay as active as possible for as long as possible... These are expenses that alot of our foster homes take on themselves and because of their giant hearts they will keep them for as long as needed, but it is not always expected. So we love to see these homes helped with food, supplements and other items they may need...

There are 2 ways to help a Silver

1. You can choose to send "goodies" to one of our Silvers, please let us know which senior you are interested in sending food, supplements, toys, etc and we'll let you know what they would like and you can order in from one of our sponsors. We will provide the information on how to order online and connect you with the foster home. It is very easy! Please see form below ...

2. You can sponsor a foster.. We will gladly take a one time donation of $50 or more or you can set up recurring donations! You will receive a Certificate of Thanks from "your dog" as well as recognition on our website. Please see form below and we will be in contact. All monetary donations to CBR are tax deductible.

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Helping a Silver!