Due to our inability to accept any new rescues at this time, the following Boxers and Boxer mixes are currently staying in area shelters, humane societies or with individuals that are unable to permanently keep them.  These are courtesy listings only and are not a part of the Carolina Boxer Rescue program, therefore we make no representations regarding the dogs. 

To learn more about any of the dogs below please contact the shelter/individual listed directly; 

It is our hope that this page will help these dogs find new homes before it's too late

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I work for Yadkin County Animal Shelter and we currently have a boxer mix named Charlie. He is about 2 years old, neutered, HW Negative, and UTD on all vaccines. He has been here since January 11th. He is a wonderful boy, can jump about 4 to 5 foot flat footed, (that is a beautiful thing to see lol). He does pull on leash alittle going outside, but coming in. He does not jump on anyone, listens very well, will stay sit and laydown. Is cautious around other cats and dogs. Great around all humans, he is a love bug. He is being looked over and no one is interested in him, we will not put him down for time and space, we have not done that for any cat or dog in almost two years. (Makes me proud to say that). . Thank You for taking a moment to read my lengthy message, this boy deserves a good life, we are not giving up on him. I

Thank You

Jennifer Trivette, Yadkin County Animal Shelter


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Hello! My name is Arlo and I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about myself and my family. My parents brought me home as a cute puppy and instantly fell in love with my sweet kissable face and super soft floppy ears. At the same time, they had dreams of starting a family farm where we could all enjoy the animals and the beautiful piece of land we had. As I grew, my family continued to love me and care for me. They have taken me for my shots and kept me on my heartworm and flea/tick medicine to keep me healthy. They had me neutered since they knew I would be a family pet and it would be healthy for me. They also had me micro chipped to be sure I was safe and sound and if anything happened, they would know how to find me.


As my family started adding animals to the homestead, they tried to get me acquainted to the birds. The birds would fly over the fenced yard and I thought it was so much fun to run and chase them and do my boxer stunt move of pouncing them down to the ground. Well this game became too much fun and excitement for me and it really kicked in my natural prey drive. They worked with me and tried to correct this behavior however it is just too much fun and I cannot contain myself. I have accidentally hurt way too many and my family is realizing that even though they love me so much, I am just not cut out to be a farm dog. Its too stressful for me and them to constantly try to juggle the ins/outs of making sure there are no animals in the yard before I go outside for any reason. They don't blame me because they know I'm being a good boy and just keeping those pesky birds and livestock out of our yard to keep everyone safe and sound.

I have two little boys ages 4 and 5 that I absolutely adore and love. I play with them all the time and when they curl up to take  a nap or go to bed, you can bet that I will be right there curled up next to them. I'm super patient with them, even when they get a little too rowdy. I am protective and make sure our property is safe and that no one will come in without my parents permission. Mom says it helps her to feel more comfortable that the boys can play in the yard, and she doesn't have to worry about anyone coming up uninvited.

Even though I love my family, I know my life will be more fulfilled finding a family to love me and care for me. Little kids would be a huge bonus! Adoption is huge in our family since that's how my two boys came into the family and my parents understand the sacrificial love in order to give me to a home that will ease my anxiety and allow me to be exactly the dog I'm created to be.

As far as other animals, its tough to say how I will get along with other fur brothers/sisters. The barn cats tease me by walking on the other side of the fence where they know I cant get to them and I let them know that I would give them a good chase if I had the chance. As far as dogs, my parents didn't socialize me a ton early on with other dogs since the goal was to be on the farm. I do act interested when I see another dog and have been around a few that make me act excited to play. I bet with the right introduction, I could learn to love a furry sibling if I needed to. Please consider adopting me, and I promise I will give you the loyal love you're looking for. I posted some cute pics of myself so you could get an idea of just how handsome I really am.

Contact : Jessica via email at  jw1882@msn.com


Marabelle - This sweet gal was thrown from a motorboat off the coast of Wilmington, NC and the scoundrels in the boat sped away while a witness watched in horror. She swam for her life and was picked up by Animal Services. She has been at the shelter for several months and was on death row when a nice lady named Jane sponsored her and I’ve been housing her ever since. Marabelle is approximately 8 years old, spayed, current on vaccines and microchipped. She has done fine with her foster mates, but I think would prefer being the only dog, or maybe companion to a similar sized male dog. She is very chill and gentle, and her favorite activities are riding in a car and sunning herself. She walks well on a leash and knows how to sit on command. She weighs about 40lbs, has a beautiful brindle coat, and deserves a second chance....if you have room in your heart and home, please call/Text her foster Mom, Grace, at 910-352-6256