Linda - (Fostered in Sanford, NC)

Linda - (Fostered in Sanford, NC)


4/18/19: Hello I am Linda, 
This big guy just picked me up from the great people at Anderson, NC. PAWS, they took very good care of me and I am going to miss them. 
I am very sick with bugs inside me and I have this 3 pound sack between my rear legs that needs removed and I only weigh 42 Lbs. The Big guy said he was taking me to McDonalds, do not know what that is but he did say a word I do understand...
Linda, You’re Free and loved..
Let’s get something to eat:

4/24/19: Linda is having tumor removal surgery today! Please keep her in your prayers!!!!

Linda came to CBR recently and it has been determined that due to her health she will be a CBR Hospice Foster.

Linda will remain with her CBR foster family.

If you would like to help Linda be more comfortable and enjoy her remaining days, please consider sponsoring her.

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