Bull - 5-6 years (Fostered in Brown Summit, NC)

Bull - 5-6 years (Fostered in Brown Summit, NC)


Bull is doing well, still loving to eat and drink and takes his meds no problem. He does enjoy a good nap, and spends most of his time sleeping. His leg has healed wonderfully sense prescribed the antibiotic. I started him on CBD oil the other week after discussing it with the Vet. He still doesn’t have typical boxer behavior, but he does seem to have a little bit more energy. He did take his last dewormer pills on Tuesday, so hopefully that will take care of that and he will start to put a little weight on. We are still just taking it one day at a time, and as long as he is fighting we are fighting with him. Due to his murmur and CHF we are treating his heartworms with the slow kill method.

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Bull came to CBR recently and it has been determined that due to his health he will be a CBR Hospice Foster.

Bull will remain with his CBR foster family.

If you would like to help Bull be comfortable and enjoy his remaining days, please consider sponsoring him.