Bailey - (fostered in Wake Forest, NC)

Bailey - (fostered in Wake Forest, NC)



Foster Bailey would like to thank Shelley Jenkins for his pretty blanket that Jo Jo stole. #oldmarriedcouple Bailey had his bath today and seemed to really enjoy it. He also smells 100% better! So he could have his blanket today. Bailey is in good spirits today , only slept 19 hours instead of 23. The medicines have seemed to ease his pain.


Hospice Foster Bailey is not happy with the wrap this morning. He is losing his urine right where he stands. He has his good days and bad days . Sadly more bad days then good lately. He fell down on the floor sometime last night and could not get up. Luckily something woke me up at 1:30am and I helped him up to his bed. He seems sad the past week and I can't seem to make him happy. But he is a trooper and keeps going with all the other dogs. I finally found a dog treat he likes, the bulk bin chocolate chip cookies from Petco. 
The other dogs seem to comfort him lately as if they know something I don't . 😞

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