You wouldn't think naming a dog was hard, but here at CBR, Fosters struggle with naming their new foster Boxers all the time! Help CBR out by submitting a $25 donation to name the next foster dog! 

This program is a fun way to honor a friend, loved one or a cherished pet. It makes a unique birthday or holiday present too! Our "Name a Nub" Program is a special way to support Carolina Boxer Rescue. All donations in the program will go to the medical needs of CBR Fosters.

All Name a Nub names are on a first come basis. The next incoming foster dog will receive the 1st donated name and so on.  Here is our current retired name list, so please do not choose one of these names:

Boys:  Baxter, Boscoe, Buddy, Chance, Dozier, Duke, Harley, Max, Oscar, Rocky, Roscoe, Sam, Tank, Trooper, Tyson and Zeke

Girls:  Bella, Chloe, Coco, Daisy, Ella, Harley, Laila or Layla, Lilly, Lola, Maggie, Molly, Roxie or Roxy and Stella