Grace 7 years old (Fostered in Goldsboro, NC)

Grace 7 years old (Fostered in Goldsboro, NC)


Grace has been with CBR for two months. She is seven years old and has had a very hard life, we know that she was picked up as a stray and has had a lot of litters. Humans have let her down, and her scars run deep. She is a very gentle girl and she is very, very timid. She has improved a lot, she now goes out without a leash and comes back in on her own, will stand and take a treat from your hand where in the beginning would not. Will greet you at the door, wiggle her butt to let you know she is happy you came back home, then backs up away from you. My husband said he heard her bark only twice, I have not yet heard her. When company comes over she goes in the other room. Grace loves all my other four-legged babies, have not met another animal she does not love. Grace has to do everything on her terms and her own pace. In time we know that she will realize that not all humans are bad. Grace needs to go to a home that definitely has other fur babies and preferably no longer in the work world. She is very laid back and will need someone that has patience and is willing to help her to continue to improve. Consider this sweet girl and finish teaching and showing her humans can be loving and trustworthy. Grace deserves this, could you be the one?

Due to health concerns, Grace will remain with her CBR foster family.

If you would like to help Grace be comfortable and enjoy her remaining days with CBR, please consider sponsoring her.

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Grace is good with big dogs, little dogs, cats and kids of all ages.