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Save the Nubs!

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Our Mission

To balance the health, safety, and welfare needs of Boxers in the Carolinas (and parts of Virginia) by providing a loving and safe environment for stray, abused, impounded and owner surrendered dogs by placing them in foster homes and ultimately - forever homes.


Why We Do What We Do!


Need to surrender your Boxer?


What is included in your adoption?


We Need Foster Homes!

CBR is full and we are having to turn away boxers because we do not have enough foster homes. If you have considered fostering, then now is great time to fill out the fostering application and help CBR save more lives!






Thanks to everyone at Carolina Boxer Rescue for making it possible for Hope to become part of our family. The unconditional love and joy she brings to us everyday is a blessing
— The McManus family
It’s the fourth anniversary of Leo’s “Gotcha Day”. Love, love, love, love this pup but the real question is who got who?! LOL! Thanks for all you do CBR!! We’d never have Leo without you!
— The Mosier family

Bronx (formerly Groot aka ‘Bronx Grooten VanLiftsHisLeg’) In a few short weeks, Bronx’s one year gotcha day will be here. May 27th marks the day I met the transport team and Tom loaded him into my car- scared and unsure what was going on. I was to be his foster Mom until his forever home was found. Little did I know- he already decided that our home- with 3 other fur kids and 2 skin teens- was his forever home. He was an unaltered, HW positive, hunk of a boxer mess that needed and wanted to trust, relax, and have a home to call his own.
One year later—-he is HW free, neutered and a healthy 90# of pure meathead!! We cannot imagine our lives without Bronx in our home and hearts.
Thank you CBR for saving him.
— -Ziegler’s in Waxhaw NC

Hello everyone... just checking in.. I sure love lazy Sundays.. I like to lay around and get my belly rubbed. While propped up in Momma’s lap... These humans of mine really love me. I get all the loving, kisses, treats and about anything else I want. I think I may have become what some called..spoiled. But Mama says I wasn’t that way when CBR saved me, she has lots of making up to do for lost time. She seems to want to love on me all the time. Belly rubs, hugs, kisses, head rubs, I never get on her nerves. I’m glad CBR saved me.
— CBR alumnus Tator

A Volunteers Story

Beth Wilson

When it took me 25 minutes just to get into the parking deck from the road, I knew Crabtree Valley Mall was already slammed full of people. That made me happy because Echo and I were joining our rescue friends for a Carolina Boxer Rescue event. And when I lucked into a spot right outside the entrance, I was REALLY happy. And when I got to speak to all the dog lovers who stopped by our table today I was ECSTATIC! And when, at the end of the day, I got to see the jars stuffed with donations and see that the rescue information sheets were all but gone, I was so incredibly grateful. And that made me happiest of all. See, our events are about raising awareness of all the boxers out there who need another chance. Our events let people meet some of the dogs who have been saved and some still waiting for that forever family. Seeing these wonderful dogs loosens wallets, but it also loosens tongues. We share pictures and stories about dogs we have or have had. We hug and console people who have just lost their beloved dogs. These people know they are among kindred spirits. We will understand. We meet folks who follow us on social media and today we actually met a man who did not know we were going to be there, but he just happened to be wearing his “Save the Nubs” t-shirt.

It is days just like today that remind us that we are making an impact in the lives of boxers and the people who love them. We know that some of the foster dogs who really need treatment or surgery will be able to receive it sooner rather than later. We all come home with tired feet from standing, tired cheeks from smiling and very tired dogs. But we know that we were delighted to be together, doing good, and looking forward to the next time we can do it all again. And if that is not the definition of happiness, I don’t know what is.