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Dog Trainer Workshop in Cary, NC

  • All Dogs Allowed Inc. 110 Woodwinds Industrial Court Cary, NC, 27511 United States (map)

All Dogs Allowed Inc.  will be hosting a  1 day workshop on Sunday, October 4h from 1pm - 6pm at a training center in Cary to address, in detail, the causes, goals and modification methods of high arousal, anxiety, fear and reactivity behavior in dogs.

Wondering if this workshop is for you? 

Does your dog ever:

Lunge, bark or growl at other dogs (esp. and possibly only when on leash)?

Seem timid, fearful, or nervous on outings or around certain triggers?

Seem overly excited or ill mannered when seeing people or dogs on leash?

Get overly-stimulated/excited/aggressive about fast moving objects such as bicycles, squirrels, joggers or strollers?

Jump, bite or nip at you in frustration that seems to exceed normal puppy behavior?

Bite or snap at guests entering your home?

Show signs such as high pitched repetitive barking/whining, panting, eye dilation, body stiffness, pacing or excessive jumping when a trigger comes by?

Go "over the top" in seemingly normal situations?

Struggle to relax, calm down and focus on you for long amounts of time?

Pace, stand for long periods of time, pant, or seem hyper vigilant about noises, sounds or distractions?

Or do you just have a puppy or younger dog with energy levels that seem to be quite high, quite often, and you are looking for some tools to help both of you relax?

If so, this workshop is most definitely for you.

No matter where you are in your behavioral modification training, whether just beginning or a few months into the process, this day should catapault you further into success and change in a condensed amount of time. Only a few hours so you won't even need a dog sitter while you leave your pooch at home, this day will be a "don't miss". Please help us spread the word to friends or family members that may be struggling with this behavior in their own dog.


Space is limited and pre registration and payment will be required to reserve a space, so sign up today! The full workshop cost will be $65.  If you are a private package student and have purchased a private lesson, you will have the option of attending this seminar as one of your private lessons at no additional cost to you. If you are an active foster parent or volunteer with a local rescue, you can purchase a seat at the seminar for $5. You must provide the contact information for the rescue organization, and have been active within the past 30 days.


Please note: Due to the nature of this material, this is a handler only workshop. Please contact me with any questions!



Karen Smith

All Dogs Allowed, Inc - Owner, Head Trainer

(919) 900 - 0449


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