Courtesy Listings:

Due to our inability to accept any new rescues at this time, the following Boxers and Boxer mixes are currently staying in area shelters, humane societies or with individuals that are unable to permanently keep them.  These are courtesy listings only and are not a part of the Carolina Boxer Rescue program, therefore we make no representations regarding the dogs. 

To learn more about any of the dogs below please contact the shelter/individual listed directly. 

It is our hope that this page will help these dogs find new homes before it's too late.


Name: Sassy
Age: 10 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Boxer/ Shar pei mix
Traits: Good with kids, Good with cats,
Contact: Chris Royle 704-605-5855

I have a boxer mix that I am looking to rehome. It is kind of a sensitive situation, she is 10 years old boxer/shar pei. She has some temperamental tendencies when meeting new people. Has some self confidence issues that can cause aggression in uncomfortable situations. I really need help finding her a place to go. She has been spayed. Great with kids and cats. Tends to be stand offish with new people. Once she warms up she is a loving dog. She is protective of her surroundings and is best in a single dog home.


Age: 9 years
Gender: Female
Traits: Good with Big and Small dogs, No cats,
Contact: Nancy Jenkins 893-443-4664 text please

A week ago an acquaintance called me about a 9 year old female boxer that needed a home ASAP. The owners were moving in 2 days and weren’t going to take her with them. I agreed to take her in and if everything went well would keep her. Unfortunately, I need to find her another home as she does NOT like cats. I have had 2 unfortunate vicious attacks to my cat who now hides outside and won’t come inside. She is really sweet otherwise and gets along with my CBR alum and little Boston dogs (both neutered males) and children of all ages. She walks on the leash without pulling and knows basic commands - sit and stay.

She is currently in heat and per the previous owners has had 3 litters and is not current on her vaccines. She is crate trained and house trained but needs to be crated if you leave for longer periods of time as she will relieve herself in the house. I have also found it best to feed her in the crate as my 2 eat ad lib (I pick up their bowls when she is out of her crate) so as not to upset my boys when she goes after their food.

I will keep her until I can get her checked out with the veterinarian to spay and vaccinate her. Please let me know what I need to do. She really is so sweet and would have a home here if not for her disdain of cats.


Name: Zeus
Age: 3 to 4 years (73lbs)
Gender: Male
Contact: Stacey

Meet Zeus - 73lbs - 3/4yo
He was originally surrendered to the shelter by a woman who didn't even bother to name him. He was very shy at first, but slowly came around. He was adopted by a local family with a one year old little boy. He is neutered, HW - & UTD. He was returned because he absolutely adored the little boy, and wouldn't let anyone, even family, into the house if mom and baby were home alone. He does great on a leash, and loves everyone he meets. He is good with other dogs, but can be dominant. He seems ok with cats. He is house-trained and will come with a full vet record. Contact for more information.

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 2.33.15 PM.png

Name: Billie
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Traits: Good with dogs
Contact: Dog Diggity Fosters

Billie is a sweet female bulldog mix that is searching high and low for her forever family. Saying that Billie loves attention is an understatement since she lives to get all of the pets and snuggles that she can get! Billie knows how to be a mom but she’s now learning how to be someone’s baby.

She is estimated to be about two years old and only 45 lbs. Due to her bulldog genes, she has a slight elongated palate therefore she can easily overheat or over exert herself. She will need to find a home than can keep her cool, calm, and healthy.

Billie has a cherry eye (which also isn’t uncommon for her breed) that isn’t a health concern at the moment for her but may potentially need to be removed in the future. Other than those pesky things she has a clean BILLIE of health.

She would do best in a home with no cats, no children under sixteen, and submissive dogs only. Billie probably wouldn’t complain if she was the only apple of your eye. She would also be in search of a home that could allow for her to have frequent potty breaks as she is doing well with potty training but will need some more work. She finds comfort in her crate and does well alone while her humans are away. She is very gentle with her toys as she isn’t quite sure what to do with them.  

If you want a chance to give Billie the loving life she deserves, submit an application today!  Adoption fee of $50 is required. 

Email completed applications to OR bring them by in person!

Name: Ely
Age: 5 years
Gender: Male
Traits: Good with people
Contact: East Coast Canine Alliance

Meet Ely, the intelligent, loyal and yet, sometimes silly, playful extremely handsome Boxer.

Ely’s past was not kind to him, for he had been cooped up for almost 23 hours a day in a crate. In case you were wondering, that is about 20 hours too many!   He came into ECCA with a severely infected ear, extremely underweight and had not been neutered.  Thankfully, that has all been fixed by ECCA!  Now he is healthy, neutered, UTD on vaccines, on heart worm and flea tick preventives and microchipped 5 year old loving boxer boy.

He hasn’t been with ECCA long enough to be tested with cats, kids or other dogs, however, it is evident that he loves every person he meets.

If interested in meeting them, please message to @ ECCA

ECCA Rescue Ely

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My Post.jpg

Name: Brutus
Age: 7 years
Gender: Male
Traits: Good with people
Contact: Sean at

Brutus is cuddly, thrives around people and is the most loving dog I've ever had.

He was born in September 2012 in Orange County, CA.  I adopted him from FOCHP in February of 2013.  He lived happily with me for 6 1/2 years in a home with a large fenced yard and a doggy door where he was able to come & go, play, sleep in the sun, at will.  Some of his favorite activities are walking (running), playing tug of war and jumping up to catch the stream of water as it comes out of the hose.  Due to my advancing age, I moved to NC to live near my son.  Brutus likes the area but misses his yard, freedom and games.  I can no longer care for him as he should be.  Brutus needs a loving family that will keep him in shape and make him a member of their "family".

He is neutered, weighs about 70 lbs, up to date on all shots and exams, uses Heartguard and topical flea/tick med.  He has no known medical problems and has been screened and declared free from problems normally associated with his breeds.  He is a pit bull, boxer, American bull dog blend.


Name: Faith
Age: N/A
Gender: Female
Traits: Good with dogs, good on leash, crate trained
Contact: 336-302-3995

Faith is a female boxer mix that was rescued from euthanasia. She has been spayed, is up to date on vaccines, and HW negative. She does well with other dogs, walks well on a leash, does well in a crate, and rides well. She must have been abused at her previous home because she is still a little scared and timid of loud noises and sudden movements. We also changed her name because her previous name was not a very nice word. In the 3 weeks, I have had her she has slowly started coming out of her shell. She will need someone to continue working with her and getting her to trust again. I need to find her a foster home or forever home because I am unable to keep her at my property due to my livestock guard dogs. She is currently being housed at our family cabin a few miles from my home. While the cabin does have a window AC I can't run it all the time for her so it is urgent that I find alternate placement for her in the near future. If someone is interested in giving her a wonderful new home I can be reached at 336-302-3995


Name: Tilly & Max
Age: 6 years & 6 years
Gender: Female
Traits: Good with kids 8+, bonded
Contact: East Coast Canine Alliance Email:

Things that come in pairs is ALWAYS better than one. Who wouldn’t want two wiggly wagging tails, four endearing eyes gazing back at you, and the sound of eight pitter patter paws prancing around the home?

Tilly and Max are a very sweet, loyal bonded pair that are hoping to score a loving home ASAP…together. Together forever is their wish. They are very affectionate, low key, easy to care for, loyal furry friends, who are always desiring pets, loves and belly rubs. You wouldn’t even have to feel guilty when you weren’t at home, for they would have each other to cuddle up with. But, beware, when you return there will be the need to catch up on some loving for they will both certainly be vying for your attention.

Max is a 6 year old beagle who is just that chill laid back kind of dude who loves…everyone. He does definitely perks up when there are some treats around though. Typical beagle trait, if there is some critter in the yard that needs chasing, he is your guy.

Tilly, is a shy, sweet as Springtime approximately 5 year old boxer mix. Max is Tilly’s security blanket, everything is easier and better when Max is right by her side. From going potty to an adventure ride in the car…

This magnificent duo would benefit from some more training (they know the basics), a little more leash practice, along with some fun activities and exercise would do this fabulous pair wonders.

Though they are inseparable from each other, they have not been socialized around other dogs. They have been around kids in their current home, however, because of Tilly’s shyness, kids over 8 would be a better fit.

There is no doubt that they love their current Mom with all their heart, but sadly, due to family circumstances they need to be re-homed as soon as possible. Losing their family will be a very hard transition for them, they will want/need to be together.

Both dogs are house trained, UTD on all vaccines, sterilized, on heart worm and flea/tick preventatives. 
The perfect home for them includes, a safe fenced in yard, to be the only furry ones there, kids 8+ or older and someone with the time to give these guys the attention, time and exercise (physical and mental) that they need.

If interested in meeting them, please message to @ ECCA

Located in Chesapeake, Va.

ECCA Tilly & Max Story




Name: Odin
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Traits: Good with kids
Contact: Shelby at

My heart aches to do this and I’ve always sworn I never would. Our sweet Odin is miserable in our home. There’s not much space for him to run and being the boxer he is, he has a lot of energy. He also has separation anxiety and gets scared when he is left alone for too long. I cannot keep holding onto him for my own selfish reasonings when I know he is unhappy. I am looking to rehome him. He is wonderful with kids, My son is 2 and they play all the time. I am looking for a LOVING home and someone who has plenty of space for him to run and play. He is 2, birthday is January 18th.


Name: Lalo
Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Traits: Good with kids
Contact: 843-617-8569

LALO -In Search of great home for this beautiful boy. He's a lab mix and a cuddle bug. He's great with kids - although he forgets he's not a small dog. He loves belly rubs and sleeping is his favorite hobby. He needs a home or rescue ASAP!

Name: Leila & Bella (Leila: light brown boxer mix, Bella: dark brindle boxer)
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Females
Contact: Mary Ellen Fischer @ (864) 617-5536

It is with a heavy heart that we need to find a new home for my brother’s two dogs due to upcoming professional and life changes.  We are looking for a loving home to take in the two of them together, as they grew up together.


We care about these two very much and will no entertain anyone with ill intent or who is not willing to care for the dogs’ best interest. 

General info:  Both dogs are about 6 years old and females. They are inside dogs and accustomed to using a doggie door. Both are incredibly sweet and quite loyal. 

References may be required to ensure their safety.


Name: Marabelle
Age: 8 years old
Gender: Females
Contact: call/Text her foster Mom, Grace, at 910-352-6256

This sweet gal was thrown from a motorboat off the coast of Wilmington, NC and the scoundrels in the boat sped away while a witness watched in horror. She swam for her life and was picked up by Animal Services. She has been at the shelter for several months and was on death row when a nice lady named Jane sponsored her and I’ve been housing her ever since. Marabelle is approximately 8 years old, spayed, current on vaccines and microchipped. She has done fine with her foster mates, but I think would prefer being the only dog, or maybe companion to a similar sized male dog. She is very chill and gentle, and her favorite activities are riding in a car and sunning herself. She walks well on a leash and knows how to sit on command. She weighs about 40lbs, has a beautiful brindle coat, and deserves a second chance....if you have room in your heart and home.