Foster Dog of the Month: Jersey

Meet brave Ms. Jersey!  Affectionately known as “JuJu Beans” to her foster family, and described as a loving girl with a strong spirit.  Jersey came to CBR after being hit by a car, and picked up by animal control. Her right tibia was broken in multiple places, as well as her fibula.  Unfortunately, her family chose to neither claim her, nor surrender her. This meant that Ms. Jersey had to wait 5 days for medical care, with her severely broken leg.  

An amazing foster with the local shelter watched over her during this period.  He kept her as comfortable as possible, with a temporary splint, and pain killers.  As soon as CBR was able to legally bring her in rescue, she was whisked away by a CBR volunteer, and transported to meet her foster mom at an emergency vet in Columbia, SC.  

The surgeon quickly determined that her leg would require surgery, as well as an external fixator, due to the location and severity of the break.  The CBR family rallied to raise the funds for the extremely costly surgery, and Jersey is now 5 weeks post-op.

Ms. Jersey is slowly but surely healing, and her personality continues to emerge.  She ranges from reserved to totally goofy. She adores her humans, and is very protective.  She loves to be involved- particularly in the kitchen. Her favorite hobby of all is eating- her foster mom says she would snack all day long in she was allowed.  When she’s not snuggled in a chair, or sprawled out on the couch, she likes to gnaw on a bone. Her playful side is getting harder to contain as her leg heals. She would love to romp and box with her fur siblings if her foster family let her, but for now, she has to be content lounging with them.

Andrea WilliamsComment