Volunteer Spotlight: Kathy & Tommy Drinkard


Kathy and Tommy have been volunteering with CBR since 2009, when they adopted their third boxer, Taz.  Their first boxer started as their son and daughter’s dog, and their second boxer came from their vet. She had been brought in for treatment after having puppies, but her owner did not want her back after they found out they could not breed her again.  That is what got Kathy and Tommy interested in rescue- they didn’t realize that people actually did things like that. They have two grown daughters and four grandchildren.  They lost a son to cancer when he was 36; he was the one who got them interested in the breed.  Fostering was something he always wanted them to do, so they felt it was a tribute to him when they got involved with CBR.  Taz was their second foster dog; after having him for 6 months with little adoption interest, they decided he was settled at their house and decided to adopt him.   

I have CBR friends that I have never met, but I feel as close to them as the friends I see every day. They are my other family.

Tommy and Kathy have fostered several boxers over the past few years, but have discovered that Taz prefers to be the only dog in the house, so they now help in as many new ways as they can.  In addition to volunteering with transports, Kathy maintains all the adoption and adopter records for CBR- which, as you can imagine, is a huge job! Kathy says that the most rewarding part of volunteering is “helping these sweet animals who cannot speak for themselves.  They are God’s creation and I firmly believe we are commanded to care for them.”  

Kathy believes there are many benefits to volunteering with Carolina Boxer Rescue- she advises that you can start out small and ease yourself in, and that it is definitely worth the time and energy when you see abused and neglected babies find the perfect home.  The other benefit, she says, is the friends you make. “I have CBR friends that I have never met, but I feel as close to them as the friends I see every day. They are my other family.” Besides volunteering with CBR, the Drinkards enjoy being with their family and being involved in their church- they feel that there is always so much that needs doing. 

Andrea WilliamsComment